Christmas Savings

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The holiday savings account

Saving is always most effective when it’s for a cause, and one extremely popular cause is Christmas. Christmas comes for all, the rich and the poor, and it merits saving up before December to really get some of the best deals. This article will overview some of the best ways to maximize your Christmas savings, and to ensure that your savings stay with you as much and as long as possible.

Save the change

Saving change has become a somewhat popular idea, but there are still a lot of people who don’t do it. It works so well because it works off of the idea of putting a little bit away at a time and watching it add up.

This doesn’t just apply to literal change! Try creating a savings account that you put $10 a week into. If you started at New Years, by the end of the year you should have $500 to work with, with relatively no pain savings. Try it this year and watch your holiday budget grow in leaps and bounds!

Start shopping early

If you see something you know your mom would love for Christmas, buy it. If it’s July, you’re just that far ahead. The truth is we all have a core group of people that we KNOW we’ll have to buy for, and there are big savings to be had by shopping early in the summer sales!

Re-gift, re-gift, re-gift

This is a bit of an artful way to save Christmas savings, but it is one that requires extreme caution. You may know some one who would better appreciate that bath set you were given, but do not give it to them unless you know there’s no connection between them and the original gifter – or it will likely come back to bite you.

That being said, this is a decent way to save money, especially because you’ve likely received some pretty nice gifts you in particular simply have no use for.

Pay attention – all year round

Did your sister just talk about a CD she wanted? Your brother in law mention some sports tickets? Write it down. These gift ideas will save you time and energy later, you can literally get points for buying what they want.

This really works! In my family I’m absolutely revered for my ability to know what people want, and truthfully it’s only because I’ve heard them mention it! People may not think about it in the summer, but they often reveal several great gift ideas you could be purchasing now!

Saving money at Christmas is really a year round job. It involves starting to save earlier, listening the whole year round, and shopping when you see what you need – not necessarily hoping it will still be there in December. Try it out for next year and see how your family – and your bank account – will thank you!

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