Cleaning on a budget

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Cleaning is a part of every day life, and cleaners with it. But cleaning supplies can really add up to a bigger grocery bill if you’re not careful. This article is going to overview tips to keep your home as clean as ever on a budget.

Buy store brand

There’s nothing wrong with store brand, in many cases it’s every bit as good as its brand name counterpart (check the ingredients lists if you’re doubtful). Consider switching to store brands and at least trying, because if it works out you’ll have saved a significant amount of money on cleaners.

Clean every day, instead of once in awhile

Cleaning a little bit every day will reduce your need for particularly expensive speciality cleaners, and keep you working off of your basic household toolbox. Wipe up your spills immediately, vacuum every now and then, these immediate moves save you time in the long run.

On Sale

When you know you’re going to buy laundry detergent, would it really hurt to take a minute and look for any brand to save a few dollars? Bargain hunting can be a bit time consuming, but really does pay off, little bit by little bit.

Ditch clutter

Clutter only serves to make the house messier, both in appearance and in making it more difficult to move in the ways necessary to get that deep clean feeling. Get rid of the clutter in your home, maybe at a garage sale, to maximize both time and space.

Do it yourself where possible

There are a lot of DIY cleaner recipes that could potentially save you money by combining common kitchen ingredients to make excellent multipurpose cleaners. This can save a lot, so look into it today!

Keep it simple

There’s no need to get complicated when it comes to cleaning. You can get a few multipurpose cleaners instead of several specialty ones, saving money and space – two of the most valuable assets in the home.

Reuse where possible

Choosing cleaning supplies that are reusable ensures that you get a lot of bang for your buck with them. A reusable cloth or mop will go further for you than a paper towel ever could, and you would be wise to consider this when purchasing supplies.

Store cautiously

Most cleaning supplies function best in reasonably dark, room temperature spaces, that are not easily accessed by pets or kids. Improperly storing supplies can cause them to spoil sooner, and generally leads to waste (as well as disorganisation and mess).

Use dish soap and water

Never forget the usefulness of plain old fashioned dish soap and water. There’s a lot of your home that can be cleaned with a little dish soap, from stain removers to surface cleanses, and even food washes (water). Using dish soap can be a cheap alternative to a lot of other cleaners, and saves the pocketbook a bit of effort.





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