Cleaning in the springtime

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Spring cleaning is a great time of year for getting your home in order. From giving everything that thorough cleaning it deserves to sorting through your stuff, there’s a lot that it does to bring your home a new sense of balance.

That being said, it should be managed. The best type of spring cleaning tends to be a natural, efficiently planned one, that enables you to get through everything you need to do and avoids the use of unnatural chemicals and the scent of stress hanging in the air.


This article is going to overview some tips to ensure that your springtime cleaning goes as smoothly as it can.


Open the windows

This is a great way to air out the house, and tends to go a long way to promoting healthiness in terms of fresh air. Fresh air has always been good for us, don’t be afraid to let it into your house now that things are warming up!


Go natural

You’re going to be using a lot of cleaners throughout this period of the year. This is totally normal and natural, unlike the nature of most harsh chemical cleaners sold in stores. Consider making your own natural cleaners, which can be done for everything from glass cleaners to scouring scrubs and all purpose sprays. Your body will thank you for it, and so will your family!


Use essential oils to get that great smelling home

Essential oils are a great natural way to make your home smell amazing without the use of chemicals. The bonus here is that a lot of essential oils retain extra functional properties like antiviral agents, antibacterial, and more. Using essential oils also has been known to have a positive effect on your mood, so consider them instead of your newest air freshener today.


Reusable cleaning supplies

Springtime doesn’t have to see a huge increase in the amount of paper towels you’re using. Consider the use of reusable supplies where possible, like using a microfibre cleaning cloth instead of that paper towel, or an old towel instead of a napkin. This goes a long way towards reducing your waste output as well as to making it a more cost efficient time of year.


Sorting through your stuff

This is a natural way to use spring cleaning to its fullest, declutter your house while you’re cleaning! Look through all of the stuff that you haven’t seen all winter. Did you really miss it? If not, consider selling or donating it, there’s no time like the present!



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