Colorific – Bloom Pops

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Colorific is a ‘toy store’ with difference. The people behind the business have worked hard to bring us fun, innovative, safe, quality products for our children.

Their newly released craft brand, Bloom Pops is the one we are excited to introduce to you today. It is Colorific’s latest flower fashion creation and it is super fun.


I pull all the Bloom Pops pieces out so it’s on the table for my daughter to start to use and my first impression is that I am pleasantly surprised at how many pieces and different little bits there are for her to use. I’m talking close to 100 pieces makeup this Bloom Pops Pack! I think that’s great quality already. It’s made up of brightly patterned fabric petals, little self-adhesive bling gems and many other components.


My daughter is ‘wowed’ by this product the minute she sees it all and just by ‘play’ she knows how the product works. (She is 8 years old.) Quite literally she sat there for 2 hours creating these cute little, colourful flowers, each one individual. All the Bloom Pops she made were displayed on the wall swirl which was then stuck to our fridge. The designs she can create and how she can use or display her Bloom Pops creations are almost endless, limited to her imagination really. The addition of the scented flower buttons added another level of fun, as now it even smells like a flower. I got in on the fun and had a go. You can’t help but tilt your head, search through the fabric flower petals and modify your stack to create a personally liked Bloom Pop.


If you want to change the design or start again, well then use the Un-Popper to safely deconstruct your Bloom Pop, put it all back on the table and create another flower design. Again, great quality because the pieces can be used over and over again. I was also thankful Bloom Pops didn’t require any glue or paint. It is a non-fuss craft product, which is great! I loved hearing, “Mum, come and have a look at this one.” I know she had a great time creating with this Bloom Pops Pack.


There are a few different Bloom Pops packs to collect which only means your children can make even more creations; Jewellery Pack, Decor Pack or the Bouquet Pack and not to forget the Design Studio and the Theme Packs. You will be able to keep your children busy for many hours with these. (Great for rainy days.)


Colorific has a stack load of wonderful toys for children of all ages. It is the home of many brands such as, GlowZone, Jolly Kidz and Wood WorX to name a few.

You can purchase some of the products directly off their website but should the item you are after be stocked somewhere else, the Colorific website will direct you to the retailers.

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