Conserving water in the bathroom

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Water conservation is a great way to both help the environment and reduce your bills. This article is going to overview several strategies for conserving water, to make it easy for you to reduce costs and help the environment.


While some can involve life changes, others don’t need to and still result in significant life changes.


Conserving water through small lifestyle changes

Change your shower head

Changing your shower head can help shave hundreds of dollars off of your annual bill. It conserves not only water but also money and electricity, $170 off of water and $120 off of electricity on average.


Fix leaks, fast

Leaks are a huge waste of water, so avoid prolonging fixing them. As soon as you have a drip, you should be working to fix it, unless wasting thousands of litres per year (and countless dollars) sounds appealing to you.


Reuse water when possible

Pour a glass of water onto the garden. Use cold water to make tea instead of hot water. Conserving water can be about reusing water that’s available as much as it can be about using less overall.


Take a shower, not a bath

Taking showers instead of baths can save on both electricity ($25/yr) and water ($45/yr).


Turn off the taps when they aren’t needed

Taps are capable of running six litres a minute, turn it off when it’s not needed. Saving that water will help you pocketbook, and the environment. The same goes for avoiding using excessively hot water, cold only is best.


Considering the use of water conservation tool

Efficient Showerheads

Efficient showerheads are a device that, as the name suggests, replaces the traditional showerhead. Much like the energy efficient light bulbs, water efficient showerheads are a simple way to conserve water and energy.


Dual flush/low flush toilets

30% of your water bill comes from flushing the toilet. Did you read that? Let it sink in here, this means that by simply attaching a low flush/dual flush toilet you’ll save thousands of litres every single year. These litres can add up to huge dollar savings.



Specifically, hot water cylinder insulation. Cylinder insulation keeps water reasonably hot with less energy output. Granted, this is more of an electricity tip, but still saves money and energy.


Low flow taps

Similar to the tip about low flush toilets, low flow taps regulates the flow to save several litres of water every single year, and thus the dollars as well.


Smaller bath tubs

A big bath tub is great, it’s luxurious, but it also will take its weight in water and then some. A smaller tub takes less water to fill, and likely acts just as relaxing as you hope the big tub is.


Shower regulator taps

These taps can alter the flow rate, and aeration. The aeration of the tap can make it easier to flow the water and change the temperature, keeping it efficient.



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