Why you should consider debt consolidation and mortgage refinancing

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People get into debt all the time. You are not the first person to have made a few mistakes, and you will not be the last. The key is to get yourself out of that debt, and it does take work, the hardest of which seems to be facing up to the need to make a plan.

Debt consolidation and mortgage refinancing are two options to try to help get people out of debt. Each has its benefits, and both can be a huge help in terms of getting you debt free sooner than you thought possible.

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is a financial option of electing to roll all of your existing debts into one debt to one lender. This can save on interest rates, as you no longer get charged interest each month by each company you owe, but it can also save by helping you out of debt by making a plan.

At the time of debt consolidation, the agent you work with will make a term with you, turning your debt repayment idea into a debt repayment plan. This plan can then be used to get yourself free, and give yourself a date to know when that will happen by.

All in all, debt consolidation is a great way to reduce interest, plan to repay, and owe only one lender at a time.

Mortgage refinancing

Another popular option has become mortgage refinancing, the option where in you switch from one mortgage to another mortgage to gain a lower interest rate. Refinanced mortgages may be:

  • Able to automate your payments from your salary
  • More flexible (allowing extra payments at no penalty or lump sum payments)
  • Offering a lower interest rate than your existing mortgage

This is a great way to potentially save on interest, and get with a more flexible creditor who allows you to pay off your mortgage as soon as you’re able.


Both mortgage refinancing and debt consolidation are great options, each of which can potentially see you getting out of debt significantly sooner. It’s important to look into your options and make an educated decision about what plan is right for you, that’s how you’ll get out of this debt.



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