Controlling your online shopping addiction

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Online shopping is a very convenient way of buying things you may otherwise have to travel for, but don’t think you’re not paying for that convenience. Marketers are smarter than ever about this, and have totally capitalised on this by doing things like saving your payment details (making it even easier to spend, spend, spend without thinking about the consequences) and tailoring advertisements based on your past purchases.

Keep the following in mind before clicking online

It’s real money you’re spending

It’s easy to disconnect from the money you’re spending, especially when shopping online. Shopping online is a lot like playing a game or websurfing, the difference is that it’s real money – your money – that you’re spending while doing it.

Increases impulse buying a lot

Online shopping is especially dangerous because of the concept of impulse buying. If chocolate bars or magazines at the checkout of the grocery store manage to tempt you, how much more will an email from your favourite online vendor that’s full of advertisements specifically targeted to your tastes? Especially when you don’t have to hand over cash, but merely click away your fortune. Be aware of the dangers of impulse shopping and how much worse they are on the internet.

Slow down your online shopping to really think

Even when you’ve found something that you think you want to buy, don’t buy it immediately. Wait at least 24 hours, and use that time to consider whether that money should really be spent on that purchase, or whether it should go elsewhere. This cuts down on impulse buying as well.

Avoid alcohol and online shopping

Don’t shop and drink. Your inhibitions will be lower than ever, and it’ll be only too easy to overspend. For best results with online shopping, do it completely sober only.

Ban yourself if you need to

If you have an online shopping addiction and you really feel out of control, ban yourself from your favourite shopping sites. This is an extreme measure, but you know yourself best, and if you know if it’s necessary or not.

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