Design Tips

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Without going into the ins and outs of programming (that’s another article) here are some easy tips to keep in mind when designing your website.

  • Keep the navigation around your website easy.
  • Don’t include page counters – get that information from your server statistics. Page counters can make your site look amateurish.
  • A layout that uses a lot of white space enhances the look of a website. Use fonts that are available on all computers to prevent your site not looking how you intended.
  • Minimize your graphics so page loads are quick. Every graphic should be necessary and relevant.
  • Research shows ‘Flash’ is considered worthless and very 90’s. The ‘skip intro’ button is now the 2nd most clicked button on the web!
  • Have clear page titles that make sense. These help your page readers and SEO efforts.
  • Background colours should be easy on the eyes. A light background and dark text are the best.
  • Avoid placing chat rooms or forums on your site, research again shows these are not used. Only the biggest sites can get away with them.
  • Don’t use ‘under construction’ pages. If the page is not ready then don’t put it up.
  • Keep the information short. People scan computer screens. Use bulleted points, headings and bolding. Keep your text the same font. If you want to give your viewers more information, create a pdf. file to download.
  • Stick to blue as your link colour – people recognize it. Don’t underline text either as people see that as a link.

More website design tips can be found here.

Webmaster Tools Accounts
Google, MSN (Bing) and Yahoo! all have their own webmaster tools.These tools make it easy for you to monitor your site. Create an account with each of the three and you can see how each search engine sees your website and any errors that they encounter with your website.

Google Webmaster Tools
Yahoo! Site Explorer
Bing Webmaster Tools

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