Removing White Marks from Wooden Tables

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White marks on a wooden table can be caused by placing something hot on the table or leaving a wet glass or jug to cause a mark. They can usually be removed quite easily and quickly using the one of the four methods below.
Method 1Dip a clean rag in a little fresh lemon juice. Rub the stain along the wood grain to remove the mark on your dining table.
Method 2Try rubbing toothpaste gently onto the mark with a clean rag, following the wood grain, be gentle and the mark should begin to fade and then disappear. This is my favourite method and works for me every time! You need to use a white toothpaste and make sure it’s not a gel.
Method 3Rub the burn area with 000 grade steel wool along the wood grain if the first two methods have failed to remove the mark. Then apply a good furniture oil and rub until the mark disappears.
Method 4Polish the table with furniture polish, using a clean rag. This can remove a lot of slight heat marks.