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Lucky Bitch

Learn my manifesting secrets that everyone’s talking about and become a Lucky Bitch too!

My book Lucky Bitch tells the crazy story about how I manifested 6 months all expenses paid travel around the world, a trip worth more than half a million! I’ll share all my juicy manifesting secrets with you and how to apply the principles of the Law of Attraction to your career, love life, health and money.

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  • 10 inspiring videos showing you simple and immediately practical actions you can put into place to start manifesting like CRAZY

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Course 2: Lucky Bitch Bootcamp


Lucky Bitch Bootcamp

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Just a few years ago, I had a great “abundance mindset” but I was broke. I went to countless money seminars, read books about passive income but my own salary was sharply out of proportion to my potential. I just KNEW I was destined to be wealthy, but seriously WHEN?! It was frustrating.

I was brilliant at manifesting free stuff, scholarships, prizes, etc but when it came to actual CASH…..? Nope, that felt scary and out of my reach.

I didn’t allow myself to live with pleasure or have nice clothes. I thought it was okay to live in a shitty apartment. I sacrificed a lot and felt guilty for spending too much on myself. I got into debt. I manifested windfalls of money and then it slipped through my fingers too quickly.

I was scared of paying too much tax, of “getting into trouble” with the government. I felt like a hit a plateau of income and could never break free.


Do you relate to any of this?


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Course 3: Business Goddess e-course




“Business Goddess e-course: Give Me 5


Weeks And I’ll Show You


How To Have The Business Of


Your Dreams!”



Business Goddess E-Course



Stop working at uninspiring, draining jobs & have your own amazing 6 figure dream business! Have a job doing the thing you were utterly BORN to do! Grow your biz + income super rapidly with super smart tools + secrets!




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 Course 4: Pinterest Advantage Course




Want more traffic to your website, more clients, customers and sales through Pinterest? Pinterest Advantage is the most comprehensive online marketing training course on using Pinterest for your business. Whether you are a marketer, a coach or an entrepreneur, this course will teach you ho to use Pinterest to make money!

Once you sign up you get instant access to the following video sessions:

  • Module 1 – What Is Pinterest and Why Does It Matter?
  • Module 2 – Setting up your Pinterest account for success
  • Module 3 – Strategies for increasing your Pinterest influence
  • Module 4 – Pinterest Board Ideas
  • Module 5 – Pinterest Marketing Strategies
  • Module 6 – Tracking and Measuring Your Pinterest Success
  • Module 7 – Tools to Maximize Your Pinterest Success
  • Module 8 – Ten Successful Brands That Are Rocking Pinterest and How You Can Be The Same
  • Module 9 – Steal These Ideas from Successful Pinterest Users
  • Bonus #1 ($27 Value) – Pinterest Strategy Planner
  • Bonus #2 ($47 Value) – Pinterest Board Idea Generator
  • Bonus #3 ($97 Value) – Over 100 Words That Sell
  • Bonus #4 ($97 Value) – Full Access to Exclusive Support Group for Members

There are 22 videos with over 10 hours of self-paced sessions. You’ll have lifetime unlimited access to this course when you sign up for a one-time fee.