Eat right, eat affordably. Step 1.

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Step 1: Make good choices

The first step to eating right is right in the name, focusing on what is best for you and eating that. Cut the junk food, throw away the processed foods, determine you are going to eat well – and watch your wallet start to fill.

Consider the following questions when asking yourself if you’re actually eating the way that you should be:

  • Is it on the list? There should always be a grocery list when you go to the store. The more strictly you stick to the list, the less a victim of your own impulse spending you’ll be.
  • Are you eating out too much? We all eat out now and again, but how often are you really doing it. Eating out is bad for two reasons: cost and health. Fast food options are obviously not the staple of any healthy diet, but it is also worth considering that even a single person eating out is going to spend at least $10 a meal. This really adds up, even if it was just once or twice a week! If you find you are eating out too much, make a plan for cooking instead. There are plenty of affordable, fast, easy to make meals you can learn to master.
  • Where are you finding the food? This may sound funny, but grocers actually understand a great deal about the human psyche, and they have positioned their foods accordingly. A lot of the junkiest stuff, the worst deals, are in the lines of sight in a grocery store. Look instead to the perimeter of the store to find the better deals, and the healthier food.
  • Are you taking on too much sugar? Take a look at the food you’re eating in a week and ask yourself how much sugar is really in it. You might be surprised to find that sugar is often in a lot of foods you wouldn’t think, everything from burgers to ketchup and processed foods. Sugar is absolutely terrible for you, causing a host of symptoms like higher cholesterol and blood pressure – and eventually longer term health problems.
  • Are you filling up on the right kind of food? Take the time to research filling, healthy foods. You don’t need the bad carbs, you can turn to whole milk instead. There are plenty of alternatives like this, but the bottom line is you need to take time to assess the type of food you are putting in the tank.
  • Quality of food you’re eating? Consider purchasing higher quality foods, the organic instead of the processed. Sometimes it feels like a dollar or two more, but they’re often more filling anyway – and will help your body feel better.
  • Are you educated about your eating habits? If you’re not, you can be. Take the time to do some research. Understand good carbs and bad carbs. Understand organic versus non organic foods. Take the time to know what’s best for your body, and eat that. This will be good for not only your wallet but your body too!

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