Eat right, eat affordably. Step 2.

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Step 2: Shop right.

A big step in eating both right and affordably is considering the source. Are you constantly picking up takeout meals in individual servings, or are you bulking up at Costco? Have you been buying junk produce, or heading to the farmers’ market?

Remember that the grocery store is not your only resource in terms of where to buy food. The list below offers some great ideas about the different places you can shop when you’re looking to eat right.

Farmers Markets

These are often great sources for organically grown produce, and can be a delight to walk through. Try to go a little later in the day, as many vendors offer discounts to avoid having to cart stock home.

Discount Stores

Whether it’s Sam’s Warehouse or Costco, consider gaining access to a discount store that will allow you to purchase in bulk.

Ethnic markets

Ethnic markets can be a great source of variety of flavors and produce that you may not get in your everyday grocery store. Feel free to check out several if you’re learning to eat well.

Community Gardens

Community gardens are becoming increasingly popular and often involve both the way to grow your own food on a community plot, or purchase it at a discount that keeps the community garden going. This can help you to get involved while you’re eating right, and best of all you’ll know how your food was grown. You may even make a friend or two along the way!

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