Eat right, eat affordably. Step 3.

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Step 3: Affordable protein

The human body is absolutely dependent on protein. Whether you’re a meat lover getting it from your everyday ground beef, or a vegetarian deriving it from the more alternative sources, your body needs protein. That doesn’t mean however that you have to spend a lot to get it, consider the following tips for affordable protein.

Eat foods that are naturally higher in protein so that you need less to fill up.

This could be chicken, canned fish, enchiladas, or a host of other high-protein foods. If the food is naturally higher in protein, you may well need less of it to get your daily intake – not hard to see the savings add up there.

Consider alternative protein sources

If you’ve relied on meat up to this point, you may be missing out on cheaper sources of protein. Consider adding stir-fries, beans, vegetables, or sauces to your cooking repertoire. This will infuse your diet with protein with foods that are often more affordable than meats.

Fill up on probiotics

Probiotics are a now widely understood source of protein, good bacteria, and other health elements. Stock up on soft cheeses, yogurt, or other high probiotic foods (often marked) if you’re looking to get your proteins in a quick snack form.

Portion control

The final piece of advice we have here is to consider how much you’re eating. Are you overdoing it with the protein because you aren’t being mindful of portion sizes? Try cutting back and seeing if you notice a difference, we can save a lot of money just by recognizing how much we actually need to eat.

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