Eat right, eat affordably. Step 4.

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Step 4: Bulk buying

Another huge way to save money with food is to buy in bulk. We all have staples we know we’ll be using for the next several years, why not stock up on these staples? Make sure you have a decent sized freezer, get access to a discount club, and bulk up!

Consider the following tips when you’re starting to buy more in bulk.

Buy and store grains

The key to stocking up on grains is proper storage. You can store grain for a considerable length of time if you use airtight containers. These will help you to eat right, but also to take advantage of sale prices by stocking up.

Buy in season produce

In season produce is the cheapest time of year to stock up on that produce. This is a great time to purchase bulk items and end up freezing, you’ll still have year round access but for a fraction of the cost.

Another note about produce is to not be afraid to buy in bag. The bagged prices for produce are often cheaper than the individual fruit by weight pricing structures, so this is a quick save and stock up tip!

Buy bigger/bulk packages of frozen foods

Frozen foods are often already bulk packages of items you’re looking for anyway. You can thaw them easily enough, or set them up straight in your own freezer at home.

Additionally, there’s often a substantial discount for buying the family/bulk pack of frozen foods, making it another great way to save money.

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