Eat right, eat affordably. Step 5.

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Step 5: Getting the most out of your meals

This may sound somewhat intuitive, but make sure you’re getting the most out of what you make! Consider the following tips when making your cooking even more efficient, this will save you time, energy, and money – our favorite kind of tip!

Always make your food look appetizing.

Presentation, presentation, presentation. It doesn’t matter if this is leftovers or the first meal of the week, everyone is happier when the food looks good. Some suggestions for making sure yours looks good?

  • Use a tablecloth/set the table EVERY NIGHT. Even if you could be eating at your desks, there’s something about coming together for a meal that makes it more enjoyable.
  • Mix different colors together to create a contrast. Use some vegetables to contrast those potatoes, or some meat to contrast that bread. Always be considering how the food looks.
  • Get the family helping. This will save you some time, but it will also develop skills in the kids in figuring out how they like to decorate and how to properly set tables. Always involve family when you can!

Prepare multiple meals at the same time

Make a meal plan at the beginning of the week with at least a few meals you can make all at once. You’ll spend only a fraction longer in the kitchen initially, and it will save you having to cook dinner every night when you come home. This can go a long way to avoiding expensive takeout, and to getting the most out of your cooking.

Make the most of leftovers

Finally, as always, make the most of leftovers. Take leftover bits and freeze them into individual meals. Start playing with stews or stir fries. Get into combining your leftovers on a night when you know they need to be eaten, make a game of it! Whatever you do, make sure you’re making the most of leftovers – no waste necessary!

By following these tips you’ll be well on your way to getting the most out of everything you make.

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