Eco-Friendly Skin Care with a Homemade Twist part2

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Part Two

It is a common occurrence for dry skin to also be sensitive skin. Therefore, make sure you use a hand and or foot lotion that is free of perfumes and dyes. It is also recommended that people with severe dry skin stick to skin care products that contain natural or botanical ingredients. Look for lotions and creams that contain cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado oil, or olive oil. These natural ingredients provide moisturising and healing properties.


Cracked, sore heels and smelly feet can be a constant problem in many households with people of all ages, but a little natural care taken weekly can help heal and prevent further complications. Soaking the feet in a bucket of warm water to which is added a cup of bi-carbonate of soda will soften and deodorise the feet. After fifteen minutes gently use a foot scrub or pumice stone to remove the dry skin and then dry thoroughly. Apply a little natural foot cream that contains anti-bacterial essential oils and then cover with socks to let the cream penetrate deeply into the skin. This easy routine will prevent fungal infections and keep your feet smelling fresh and clean.


We use creams and lotions on our hands and nails probably more often than on our face so the types of creams and ingredients we are absorbing through the skin on our hands is of the upmost importance. Natural hand and nail creams containing ingredients such as Shea nut butter, avocado, macadamia, apricot and almond oils, vitamins and aloe vera will not only moisturise the hands but also strengthen the nails, fade age spots and smooth the skin. Hand scrubs can speed up the cell regeneration process on the hands and should be used weekly to remove dry, flaky skin and dead cells. An easy hand scrub to make at home is with sugar and olive oil. Just mix together to a pleasant consistency and gently massage the mixture on the hands for a few minutes. Rinse and apply a good natural hand cream.

Maintaining the eco-friendly lifestyle by searching out natural skin care products that suit you and even making some of them yourself will support your environment and continue the commitment made by you to find eco-friendly alternatives and live a lifestyle that impacts gently on the earth.

An effective deep moisturising treatment for your hands can be made at home with ingredients that most people have in the kitchen. A particularly effective hand treatment can be made using two simple ingredients: olive oil and lemon juice (bottled lemon juice is fine). To make this treatment, simply combine 2 Tablespoons of olive oil and a splash of lemon juice in a small pan. Warm the mixture on the stove, stirring constantly until the mixture bubbles. Remove the pan from the heat and allow it to cool. Once the mixture is cool enough to touch, rub it into your hands, nails, and cuticles. Cover the entire hand, front and back, and rub in well. This treatment should be applied right before bedtime. Cover hands with a pair of clean cotton gloves to protect the hands overnight.

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