Would you like to Entertain the Kids for Less?

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We all should tighten our financial belts every now and again, it’s a part of responsible financial life. But how do you keep your kids entertained when there’s less to go around? There are a lot of options, and we’re going to go through just a few in this article to get you started. You can also look here for more ideas.

Activities around the house

Crafts are one thing that all children seem to love that often can be done with items around the house. Raid the recycling bin and grab some paints and see what inventions you can come up with. Keep a box for odds and ends that can be used in crafts. For example; bottle tops, small boxes, lids, toilet rolls, sticks and leaves etc.
Pull out the Lego and build a new project.

Take the dog for a walk or bring a soccer ball to the park. No matter what you decide to do that’s free, it won’t cost a cent, and you’d be surprised at just how many free activities are available.

Activities in the community

If you feel like trying something a little new, look at what the local YMCA is up to, or if there are after school clubs. These activities likely won’t be free, but are often low cost and offer a great way to get connected with other parents in the community. Once your kids get to know each other, play dates become another free way to entertain everybody!

Local councils also run free activities over school holidays so check out your local council website for more.

Head to the library

Kids love the library, especially when they get to take a few books home for the week. Encourage them to get into reading, and help them find the material that will interest them. You’ll be surprised what avid readers’ children easily become with a regular trip to the library, and it won’t cost a thing!
The library also run community activities so search their website for more details.

Keep an eye out for deals

The final bit of advice I have is to keep an eye out for local community events or deals at the movies. You don’t always have to pay full price to get full entertainment value, and sometimes just keeping an ear to the ground is enough to find out about a low cost outing your family may not otherwise be able to afford! Sign up to movie sites to grab a bargain.

No matter what you decide to do, take heart in realizing plenty of parents have been in your shoes before – and plenty are in them now. There’s plenty to do with kids that costs very little (and even nothing in some cases), so just get creative and decide what you guys want to experiment with!

More fun ideas here.

School Holidays

Below are some links to government and private organisations that offer free activities or provide other ideas:

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    Do you have any great ideas to keep the kids happy and entertained? Please post your idea below, we’d love to hear it.

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