Exfoliation from Head to Toe

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A major factor in achieving beautiful skin is thorough exfoliation, removing the dead skin cells. Your skin has its own cycle of shedding dead skin cells. To help accelerate this process it is recommended to exfoliate the skin at least once a week. Using gentle dermabrasives that will rid the skin of dead skin cells gently, yet effectively, leaving the skin fresh, moisturised and clean is as easy as washing in the shower. The new cells that are revealed can absorb nutrients from natural skin care products easily thus maintaining the moisture balance needed for great looking, healthy skin.

Facial scrubs are gentler than body scrubs and it is recommended you use only scrubs designed especially for the face on the face, otherwise damage may occur. Cleansing with a facial scrub weekly will give the skin a glow as new skin cells are revealed and the appearance of wrinkles are diminished. To add further benefits source scrubs that contain nourishing ingredients for skin type.

Look for:

Normal skin has no apparent signs of being oily or dry. Pimples and blemishes are uncommon and the pores are usually small and the skin smooth with a healthy, firm appearance. Spirulina and Rose Hip Oil will nourish your skin.

Oily skin has a shine on it and tends to have enlarged pores with blackheads. There are no dry areas at all but excess oils that have dried on the skin around the nose can cause flakes to form there. Citrus essential oils and yarrow can be beneficial.

With dry skin there are no oily areas and flaking can occur. This skin has lost some of its ability to produce natural oils and this can be due to aging or sun exposure. The pores are small but the texture can be taut and the skin might have a leathery appearance. Broken capillaries, fine wrinkles and a dull appearance suggest a dry skin type. Vitamin E and Rose Hip oil will soothe dry skin.

As the name suggests a combination of oily, dry and normal areas can appear on this skin type. It usually has an oily T-zone down the centre of the face crossing at the forehead. Another style is an oily chin and jaw line but normal to dry skin elsewhere. This skin type is prone to pimples and blackheads. Witch hazel and Rice Extract suit combination skins.

Body scrubs come in many forms and choosing one to suit your skin type and any skin problems you might have should be considered. Many scrubs are just a mixture of cheap oil and sugar but these will only exfoliate roughly and do nothing to nourish and nurture your skin for the coming weeks. Choose a body scrub that contains ingredients that will add vitamins, minerals and moisture to your skin.

Sugar Body Scrubs suit all skin types as the Sugar contains Oleic acid, which gently helps dissolve dead skin cells. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are known to benefit all skin types. Find a scrub that contains soybean oil as this oil is reputed to retard hair growth, an added advantage!

Salt Based Scrubs are good for those who have body pimples and oily skin. The minerals in the salt help detoxify the skin and dry up excess oils while feeding the skin with beneficial minerals. Source salt based scrubs that do not contain added oils but rather other moisturising ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Glycerine.

Dry Skin Brushing is another way to exfoliate the skin without adding extra oil, thus making it ideal for oily skin types. Dry skin brushing is excellent as a light, every day exfoliation.

Using a loofah in the bath or shower daily is yet another way to exfoliate the dead skin cells from the body. Using a loofah or dry skin brushing is a gentle way to remove a build up of cells but does not contain any further benefits such as the body scrubs do with the addition of vitamins and minerals.

Foot Scrubs will cleanse, soothe, soften, moisturise and nourish tired and aching feet. Scrubs that contain essential oils will also leave your feet fresh and deodorized. Using a foot scrub monthly can reduce any signs of infection and keep the feet healthy.

Exfoliation should be an important part of your natural beauty routine not only for youthful looking skin but also for the enormous health benefits it gives. Regular exfoliation will keep your skin smooth, supple, nourished and healthy.

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