Facebook can be used as a highly effective business marketing tool. It’s great for marketing your products, recruiting and connecting with your customers.

Should you be using Facebook pages for your business? YES! Your business page can bring in leads and more business opportunities than you can imagine.

Should you only be using Facebook to run your business? NO! Facebook is not your business. You have no control over how it is run or whether or not it will even last. Facebook is simply a marketing tool – not your whole business platform. Many people make this mistake and wonder why they can’t grow their business, don’t be one of them. Either have your own website or use another online marketplace to sell your products.

To create a Facebook Business Page go to: http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php
You’ll need a personal profile in order to create a page for your business.
Remember you must be in compliance with Facebook’s Terms of Service to get the best business results on Facebook.

If you have already set up your business on Facebook and you have set it up on the personal profile platform by accident (if you have to approve ‘Friends’ for your business – you have a personal profile) you can migrate your Profile to a (Business) Page while still retaining all your ‘Friends’ as ‘Fans’ by going to: https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php?migrate and following the instructions.
You can easily recognise a personal profile page because you will see the “friend” option, only personal profiles have friends. However, Facebook (business) pages were designed for businesses and you can create as many business pages as you like using this option. You know you’re on a Facebook business page when you see the “like” button.

Using a business page needs a different approach than using your personal profile page. Having a well thought out social media strategy will see you benefiting from what Facebook has to offer for your business. Working to a social media strategy isn’t difficult, you can easily achieve results in 10 minute sessions at least twice a week for starters. Automating your status updates can take the pressure off daily tasks, but you must still make a personal effort to engage with your fans.

Click here to see a sample Social Media Strategy you can use to create your own individual strategy. Basically there are three components to a good strategy.

1. Get people to your Facebook page. It’s the only way to increase those likes!
2. Make good use of the automated social media tools that are available free. For more information on automation click here
3. Respect your fans and engage daily with them. Make your page a fun and lively place to be, a place where people like to visit.



Who is looking at my Facebook page?
Facebook offers Insights, an in-depth look at the data about your page.  To find Insights for your page, log in and in your Admin Panel Click “Insights” and then “See All”. Now you’ll be able to see information on the gender, age and location of who is looking at your business page. You’ll also be able to see which types of status updates are the most popular on your page.This is very valuable information when you are trying to figure out what people are interested in the most on your page.

The great thing about Facebook is that those who have already ‘liked’ your page are interested in your business. You didn’t have to pay anything to get that interest, they want to hear from you. The number of ‘likers’ on your business page are unlimited so use this as social proof to gain trust by developing a strong number of followers.

How do I post on Facebook as my business page instead of my personal profile?
You can easily switch between your personal profile and your page by going to the downward arrow in the top right-hand corner and click on ‘Use Facebook as’ of your choice. That’s all there is to it! You’re now using Facebook as your page and can leave comments on your own or other pages.

Facebook Marketing tips:

  • Make your business profile strong and professional but still maintain a unique and personal appeal
  • Create a fan page that will consistently engage your target market.
  • Use photos to engage with your fans – the new profile lets you use photos in great ways!
  • Update your goals and objectives after clear analysis. In other words, what you can improve on your Facebook page and why you are really there?
  • Develop plans that will attract more fans to your site – a competition perhaps?
  • Add your Facebook badge to your website and blog
  • Keep your Facebook page updated. This needs to be done quite often, every day or twice a day if possible. Consistency is the key on any social media site
  • You don’t have to use Facebook’s paid advertising to get leads – follow our tips and within months you’ll see positive results!
  • Custom URLs, also known as “vanity URLs” are available for your Facebook page. You can create an individual Facebook URL such as Facebook.com/All About Biz instead of the long numerical URL that is initially assigned to your page. You can find this option by clicking on “Edit Page” in the top right corner of your Facebook page, then choose your username in the “Basic Information” section.

More about Facebook Marketing  (Click the image for more details)

By Brian Carter, Justin R. Levy

Facebook Marketing: Leveraging Facebook for Your Marketing Campaigns

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