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Money Savvy Mums don’t claim that going ‘green’ will solve the worlds environmental problems but if you’d like to lesson your impact on the environment and save some money while you’re doing it then we have a few tips to get you started.

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You could dig up the back garden and plant a huge vegetable garden and fruit trees, layer your roof with solar panels, install a few huge water tanks and let the chickens run free out the back if you’re that way inclined. Or if you’re like us you might prefer to start out slow and get used to the idea of ‘green’ living with some easy to manage tips.

Here’s ten to think about:

Stop eating out – Think about it, this can save you around $3000 a year! If you spend about $50 a week on snacks, dinner out, take away and coffees then it might be worth cutting back. How’s this green you ask? Well you’ll think more about where your food is coming from when you have to prepare it yourself, it gives you more of a connection.

Rent or borrow – Rather than going out and buying something you’ll only use a few times it might be better to ask a friend, neighbour or family member and borrow it from them. Also it’s probably worth renting things like carpet cleaners and tools if you need them only a few times.

Grow your own food – This is great for all the family! Grow the things your family eats the most, such as tomatoes, potatoes, spinach and pumpkin. These all grow easily and can save you a lot of money over time. Herbs grow quickly and let them self seed for even more savings. Try and at least grow something!

Energy savings – Go through your house and check that everything is as energy efficient as it can be. Sealing cracks, fixing drafts, fix any leaks, installing window treatments and checking appliances will all contribute to less energy usage and more money for your self! Visit our Energy Savings page for more ideas.

Make your own cleaning products – I love this idea! It’s so easy, green and much safer for you and your family! Here’s a bunch of our tried and tested cleaning product recipes.

Recycle of course! – You can’t consider yourself ‘green’ without recycling. Local councils have made it easy to recycle with their bins but you can go even further in the home without too much trouble. Keep scrap paper to make note books, keep and clean out jars for filling with your own concoctions, keep a food scrap container in the fridge for making stock and soups.

Make your own beauty products – Basic beauty products can be made at home and are much better for skin in the long run than chemical products. Visit our Skincare Recipe page for great products.

Buy some power stations – Power strips are readily available at places like Bunnings and Masters. They not only save you money by definitively turning appliances off but they also make your home safer by not letting things overheat while on stand by.

Use paperless billing – The green option to billing these days is paperless billing. Setup your bills online so you don’t receive any paper bills and save the environment a lot of waste paper. Paper billing can cost you extra too these days so be aware if you have a few bills coming in monthly, that alone is a good enough reason to go paperless.

Use the clothesline – Of course hang your clothes outside when you can! They’ll be whiter, fresher and you know it save you a pile of money over the course of a year.

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