Firewood Savings

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If you have a combustion heater, pot belly stove or even a wood fire place you’ll know how expensive wood can be over the winter months. In fact it’s probably on par with electricity costs at the moment! Many people spend over $200 to fuel their wood fires over winter and this cost can become an unwanted burden on the budget.

So how do we get around buying firewood?

We’ve come up with a few ideas to lower the cost of fueling your fire over winter. Remember never burn treated or painted wood, it is toxic.

  • Contact your local council and ask what they do with the wood they collect from pruning. Many local councils have Parks Departments or contract the work out and this can be beneficial to you. Ask for contact phone numbers to contact the relevant people. You should be able to collect the wood from where they are working without fuss.
  • Some factories throw out their pallets regularly and those companies can be contacted and ask if you can collect the pallets.
  • Ask the local tree loppers in your area if they’d consider dropping wood off at your house, it will save them tip costs. Of course you’ll still have to cut up the wood and season it but it will cost nothing.
  • Think about businesses in your area that use wood and may have offcuts for you. Consider the hardware, local TAFE, cabinet makers, builders and joinery/fencing businesses. Perhaps you could leave a trailer there for a week and let them dump their offcuts in it for you.
  • If you live rural then ask around at farms and properties if they’d like some of their felled trees removed. This can give you a good lot of already seasoned wood for winter.



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