Five Tips to Freedom from Fear

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1) Fear doesn’t have a purpose

The first thing to recognise when dealing with fear is that it is not actually helping. It doesn’t often motivate you to act, it often paralyses its victims in place. This is what makes it so powerful, it stops someone from moving forward. Therefore, predators focus on fear, they know a fearful victim is a stationary victim.

And just like this impacts the animal kingdom, fear impacts human beings. If you can be made to feel afraid, you can be controlled. Fearful people make predictably emotional decisions, not rational ones. Decisions they may not otherwise make. Decisions that empower individuals to stay in power and continue the cycle of fear.

2) Find your fear

A huge component of defeating this is identifying it. Too often people let the fear of the unknown absolutely paralyse them, rather than facing what it is and defeating it instead.

If you are fearful it means that something is making you afraid. Take some time and recognise what it is that is scaring you, and if it’s nothing then take the time to process the emotions realising there is no threat.

Identifying fear takes the power out of it.

3) Banish the fear

The best way of dealing with fear is to banish it, rather than just temporarily fight it. Fighting it might make it go away for a while, banishing it is going to eliminate its power over your life.

All too often it is made more powerful than it should be because people allow it to continue to thrive in their lives. This is a mistake. The goal here is to banish it, not just fight it.

This can be easier said than done, but it begins by identifying it, facing it, and dismissing it as being irrational rather than purposeful in your life. While this is a difficult lesson to learn, it is one that will truly empower you as you realise that you can obtain freedom from fear rather than just relief.

4) Stop letting things outside of your control frighten you

If you’re not sure where your fear is coming from, block yourself from media coverage for a week. Stay offline, just take some time. If fearful feelings come up, note what’s making you afraid, and make a note to avoid that source in the future. Don’t let it get in from the outside!

Over time, you’ll notice that while this experiment may have initially frightened you, it likely has left you feeling more relaxed and calmer. This is because a lot of what the media is designed to do is spread bad news quickly, making people fearful and easier to control by a variety of agencies.

5) Use fear FOR you instead of against you

What about if you’ve done all the things we’ve been talking about, and you’re still afraid? What then? Simple, put it to work for you!

How can you do this? Well, even though fear is irrational, it can often be used as an alarm system. This alarm can trigger anger, anxiety, illness, or stress. These alarms should eventually be eliminated, particularly if there is nothing to fear, but you can take the time to use the fear to motivate you to take stock of yourself.

What’s going on in your life? What’s programming you to be afraid, and how can you intervene against that specific source of fear? We all have problems, but those problems do not have to generate fear or dominate your lifestyle.


I’ve talked a lot about the things you can do with your fear. From identifying it, to understanding it, to putting it to work for you, you are the one in control here. You have all the options, and fear only has the same bag of tricks.

Don’t accept it, don’t take it as a life sentence. Banish it. This may take time, and you may have to play around until you find what works for you, but you can ultimately do it – and you deserve freedom from fear!

Education is power. If something is scaring you, take the time to learn about it – over half of fear is fearing what you don’t understand. The more you understand, the less fearful you will become! If it’s your financial situation that scares you then get control of it. Start with small steps to get control and then you’ll be less fearful.

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