Fixing the iPhone battery

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The iPhone can be a God send in terms of functionality and all the cool tricks it can do. But its battery can go faster than it takes to charge it, and this isn’t always the user’s fault.

I believe that most iPhone issues surrounding the battery are directly connected to software issues. Apple recognized this and released an “optimization process” – that’s too wordy to understand, and doesn’t actually explain what’s going on.
This article is going to walk you through what’s draining the battery, and how to stop it.

The real reasons your battery is dying right now

  • The location apps

There’s a lot related to the location apps that’s practically designed to drain memory. Similar to other issues of constantly needing to be on, your iPhone is always trying to keep you n the right time zone, and tailoring ads for your location. This kills the battery just by pure feature of having iPhone trying to keep track of where you are. Every. Literal. Minute.

Head to Privacy, location services, system services and turn off the setting time zone and location based iAds. In fact, you can disable all diagnostics and usage, particularly the auto stream of data that goes to apple.

  • Adjusting the timeout period

Your iPhone’s default time frame for the auto-lock to kick-in on Apple’s smartphone is three minutes. Here’s how to adjust it.

  1. From the Home screen select Settings
  2. Choose General and then press the Auto-lock option
  3. From the timeout options displayed, select the one you require. A tick will appear next to it when it’s been selected.
  4. Now press the button labelled General at the top of the screen to return to the General settings.
  • The push mail function

Sure it’s great to be able to push a simple button to grab your new email, but that app has to work fairly hard to make that process happen, even when there isn’t actually any mail. Why? Because it needs to be checking. Always. Pinging the server every single minute that your phone is on.

Now I’m not saying you can’t have this feature, for sure push mail is fine. Just alter it so it isn’t checking every literal minute for new mail by heading to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Fetch new data, and turn off push, scrolling to Fetch every 15 minutes. You’ll still get all your new mail inside of 15 minutes, but without killing your battery.

  • iTunes

iTunes is a terrible backup tool. It drains battery, it often doesn’t help with the issue, and it’s frustrating. Use iCloud as an alternative.

Some people don’t quite get this, but, although similar, iCloud runs far more effectively due to the way it transfers data between the phone and the iCloud program. Specifically, iCloud offers a direct link to Apple whereas iTunes tries to link to the computer which can then provide problems through bad cables, antivirus software, and more.

  • The brightness

You probably don’t actually need your phone tracking the light in the room and adjusting itself automatically. Go to settings, wallpaper and brightness, and turn off auto brightness. It doesn’t dim your screen, it just stops the iPhone from constantly detecting the light levels in the room and adjusting itself (and draining your battery).

  • It’s constantly on

You need to turn off the phone every now and then to allow apps time to restart. Yes it’s a phone, but it’s also a miniature computer, so just think about what happens to your computer speed when you aren’t rebooting every now and then.

Another note about this reboot is that you should avoid factory resets wherever possible, by shutting it down instead of just holding the power button on the top and the home button. Just use the power button and the home button for a second. That’s all.

  • Background apps

Double tap the home button to see all the apps that are currently active on your phone. Turn off any that aren’t currently active, to prevent them from needlessly draining your battery. Apps should naturally close, but they don’t, and this is one way to save battery power.

Another way to maximize background apps to ensure they aren’t killing your battery is by restricting those apps that are (and are not) allowed to run in the background of your phone. Head over to settings, general, background app refresh, and make the list of the apps you want to allow (and the ones you don’t).

If your phone is still draining battery…

If you’ve tried the steps above and found that your iPhone is still draining battery like nobody’s business it may be time to do a phone restore. This isn’t the ideal option, but it sometimes needs to be done, whether due to human error or just a really deep glitch. Restoring it as though it’s a new phone can restore some functionality.

Keep in mind when you’re thinking “I’ll just take it to Apple”, that this will only work if your battery fails the battery test. Which most of them don’t do (even though often times it is Apple’s software that’s causing the problem). The bottom line is that if your iPhone isn’t failing the battery test, it’s not going to be replaced, so you need to look at alternatives.



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