Four Fast Tips to a Cheaper Christmas

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Christmas is a great time of year. Everyone gets together, plenty of holiday dinners and cheer. The air seems full of happiness…and unfortunately bills. That being said, the good news is that you can be in control of how much money is spent – and with a few simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to keeping the holiday bills down.

Tip 1: DIY wherever possible

The internet has created a wave of do-it-yourself movements. These can be huge moneysavers, if only you take advantage! Don’t fall into the holiday trap of spending “just a few dollars more” to save yourself five minutes – those “few dollars more” add up!

As an add on to this, there are several DIY gift options that are relatively easy to set up – and often perfect!

Tip 2: Keep a list of purchased presents

It might seem funny when you’re recording your first one or two purchases – surely you’d remember what you bought, right? The reality of the holidays is that they get so busy and so chaotic that it can become easy to double or even triple buy for the same person. This is especially true when there are multiple children or family members involved, it becomes easy to forget who has already been purchased for. You can save yourself the hassle by writing down what you’ve purchased, for who, and when.

Tip 3: Use cash, not credit

One of the easiest ways to save money is by keeping thorough track of what you spend. This becomes a lot harder when spending only requires the swipe of a card. Several experts have moved to advising people to use cash, there’s something about giving up those specific tangible bills that makes the costs hit home a little more.

Tip 4: Plan meals carefully

With all of the holiday parties there’s a lot of holiday food to be planned and had. This is great, so long as you keep track of how many are coming so you don’t end up with a bunch of leftovers. Holiday leftovers rarely get eaten, so most people are better off avoiding it by carefully planning the amount of food that’s needed.

All in all, the holidays are a busy time already, no need to let them hit your pocketbook too hard. Following these tips will bring you a long way to keeping your holiday bills down.

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