Freezing Rice

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How To Freeze Rice

What would we do without rice? I can’t imagine because I use it every week, usually more than once. It’s cheap, filling, absorbs flavours of other foods and is great for bulking out meals too.

If you cook too much or want a quick serve of rice at the touch of a microwave button then you’ll have to freeze some, and here’s how.

Frozen cooked rice reheats quickly in the microwave if you want just one serving of rice at a time, this will solve your problem.  

Step 1: Cook a lot of rice

The next time you cook rice, cook double the amount with the intention of freezing half. Or simply cook a large amount and freeze it for use in the future.

Step 2: Cooling the rice

An important step to prevent the rice from becoming sticky is to cool it in the fridge completely before freezing. In fact try leaving the rice in the fridge overnight and then stirring to separate the grains before dividing up for storing.

Step 3: Divide into servings and freeze

Now its time to simply divide the rice into the serving portions you will be using. For instance if you are feeding a family of four then freeze a serving size of 4 -6 cups in one package. You can freeze in freezer bags for flat storage or in containers for the larger portions.

Step 4: Reheating frozen rice

I reheat my frozen rice in the microwave by taking it out of the bag or container and placing it in a microwave safe bowl, I cover it loosely and heat until hot. I also stir it once during the heating to make sure it heats evenly.


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