Gardening in the Australian Summer

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The summer heat waves can be hard to predict. From trying to sweat your way through 40 degree weather to needing to adjust to a cooler 20, there can be a lot to consider with the weather. On top of temperatures, there are often unstable weather conditions, from floods to heat waves and fires, to the point that our crops get just as confused as we are. That being said, there are things you can do in the summer to ensure the health of your garden.

This article is going to overview some tips regarding gardening in the Australian Summer.

Tip #1) Composting, composting, composting!

One of the best things you can do during the summer months is to get started on your composting. Composting is a great way to produce richer, healthier soil, and starting in the summer gives you an excuse to get out and enjoy the weather – and ensures that your soil will be ready sooner for use!

Tip #2) Hydration, your plants need it too!

Much like human beings need our water, plants need hydration too. This means it’s important to work with the weather to ensure your garden is always watered. If this means the rain took care of it for you today, then great, but if you’re in a season of drought, this is going to need to be taken into account as well.

Generally if you’re watering regularly in the earning morning or early evening region (to avoid letting the sun steal all your efforts), your plants will likely be okay. You can also use mulch, watering spikes, and drip system reticulations to supplement your efforts at keeping your garden appropriately soaked.

Just don’t forget to be mindful of water restrictions to ensure that you – and your plants – don’t inadvertently wind up going without.

Tip #3 Seaweed fertiliser

Seaweed fertiliser can be a great tool for helping your plants deal with the heat. Seaweed extract is used in several fertilisers today, and it helps to cool the plants it comes into contact with, further enabling them to hold up under the boiling sun.

Tip #4 Moving your plants as necessary

Though some areas of the world struggle to get sunlight, the Australian gardener must be cautious of the opposite – he/she must ensure the plants don’t get too much sun. One of the easiest ways to avoid this? Move your pots to keep them cooler.

Tip #5 Take care of yourself too!

Keeping your plants cool and hydrated is great, but it’s all for nothing if you’re going to send yourself into a heat stroke. Don’t forget about taking care of yourself, even if you want to get out into the garden today you need to ensure it’s in your best physical interest.

If you must go out, do so in the late afternoon/early evening (or early morning), or other times when the sun isn’t at its peak.

Tip #6 Use shade, and create it where you need it!

Your garden is going to need shady areas to regulate plant temperatures, so make sure it has it. This could mean putting up an awning or planting some taller trees, it could even mean just purchasing a shade sail, but whatever it means ensure that you’ve prepared shady spaces in advance. This takes care of the issue of too much sun, and helps keep you cool besides!

Tip #7 Keep your garden away from your house

Though many have been tempted to bring their flower beds directly next to their homes, it can often be wiser to ensure the beds are at least 1 meter away.

The reason being? Pests. While you intend to do everything that you can to banish pests from your garden, the last thing you want is to have them running into your house (think termites). Keep this in mind when planning new flower bed locations or tilling soil.

Tip #8 Planting produce

Summer is a great season for new plants, and produce can be particularly effective little tools for your kitchen. Try making a project out of planning a vegetable garden, and don’t forget to get the whole family in on it!

No matter what your skill level is, you can still use the summer as a great time to garden. Just be mindful of the dangers and fun that the weather conditions bring, and let that preparedness bring your garden into bloom!

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