Getting Organised

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For easier productivity…

Let’s face it, we all need to do it! We all need to be more organised so our day can run as smoothly as possible, right?

Maybe it’s your time, your work space, your appointments or something else. Whatever it is you need to make it easier to operate.

Well we’re going to focus on your work space and your work time, one step at a time.

Once everything is organised you will begin to see how your life will change for the better. You’ll have more time, less stress and much more productivity.

Step 1.

Get rid of what you don’t need – clear the clutter.

We’ve all got it, mounds of clutter we don’t need. We stack piles of papers on each other, collect things of no value or simply pile the things of value up and then totally forget we have them.

The first step is to sort out what you need and what you can throw out.

  1. Get a large plastic bag and start going through your piles of papers.
  2. If you haven’t had any use for it over the past few months then toss it.
  3. If it still has some value for you place it aside and we’ll deal with it soon.

Once you’ve sorted through all the papers at your work space you now need to clear your desktop thoroughly. What’s left? Do you need it? Have you got a place where you can put the things you do want to keep?

To have an organised desktop you need to buy some products to help you keep it that way.

  • Trays
  • Containers (labeled)
  • Filing Folder
  • Folders
  • Pin board
  • Waste paper basket
  • Drawer organisers

Now you need to put the papers you decided to keep in some sort of order.

  1. Label folders and place the papers in them.
  2. File them away in a filing system so you can put your hand on exactly what you need, when you need it.
  3. Have a couple of trays that deal with important and completed issues on your desk.
  4. Use your pin board for reminder notes.

Step 2.

Move all the electronic paraphernalia off the desk.

How much of your desk space is taken up with electronic gadgets?

Your tower, modem, router, hard drive etc shouldn’t be taking up precious space on your desk. Move them out of sight, visual clutter can be just as unproductive as physical clutter. Buy longer cords if you need.

Also consider having a drawer where you can put all your gadgets that need charging while you work. Your iPod, phone or PDF can all be out of sight but still handy. Simply put your cords through the back of the drawer, out of sight.

If you don’t have enough drawers then think about buying a dresser or cupboard for extra storage.


Getting Organised in 5 simple steps

Step 3.

Now we’ll organise what you do need.

Have a good set of containers that will hold all the incidental things on your desk like your pens, pencils, stapler, USB’s, staples etc. Keep it neat and easy to access.

Remember to keep the things you use daily at your fingertips and the things you use occasionally in drawers and cupboards.

You’ll definitely need a note pad for jotting down ideas and taking phone numbers down on.  If you can trust yourself with a diary to keep appointments then keep that on your desk too.

Use your note pad to set out your goals for the day and keep them handy to cross off when you complete them.

Maybe not on your desk but in a cupboard nearby make sure you have enough printing paper, print cartridges, envelopes, stamps etc. Always having extra of them on hand before they run out is a lot less stressful than running out of ink halfway through a project and then having to go out and buy some. Make like easier for yourself by being more organised.

Keep personal memorabilia off your desk, use your pin board for a few photos instead. The same with the clock hang the clock on the wall, off the desk.

Step 4.

Feeling good in your work space – it’s important!

Your work space must feel comfortable to be in for it to be a productive area. If you hate it then you are not going to want to spend too much time in there.

A desk that suits your needs is a top priority. It has to be large enough for what you do and the right height for your size to be comfortable. It should have drawers that are easily accessible and of course be stable and solid.

An L or U shaped work area creates a lot of work space and storage areas. Most of you will require at least a computer desk, writing space, filing drawer, supplies drawer and book shelves in your immediate work area.

Set up zones for easy access to items you need to perform activities such as postage and bill paying can be of benefit. If you post items frequently, consider creating a separate postage area near your work area.

Your chair is very important for your health so don’t skimp there. Try sitting in lots of chairs before you choose one and make sure you can adjust it to suit your desk and your personal comfort.

Position your vision board over the desk if you use one and make the area pleasant to be in with fresh flowers and the colours you like.

The right lighting can make your space ‘come alive’ and it’s good for your eyes too! Make sure your area is well lit to suit you.

Have music playing that soothes you and burn a scented candle or aromatherapy oils to relax or stimulate your mood.

This is your space – make it for you and you’ll love being there and therefore will hopefully be more productive!

Always clean and organise your desk after each workday so it is ready for you the next day.

Step 5.

Here’s how to get your work day organised.

Taking ten minutes to plan out your day every morning before you start work will help you get yourself organised. Write a list of the tasks you would like to complete in the day and prioritise them from most important to the least important. Keep this list short, no more than 6 tasks to start with. If there is something difficult that you must do, just bite the bullet and do it. Don’t put it off. Do it first thing in the day. If you complete all the tasks then simply decide if you can do a few more tasks or spend your time doing other things.

Use your vision board to keep you motivated. Remember it’s how you feel when you look at the board that counts. That’s why you are working, to achieve your goals.

You don’t have to do everything, everyday! Just do what you can, move forward a little each day and you’re going in the right direction. If you do something towards promoting or marketing your business everyday you’ll soon gain the momentum you’re looking for.

Good luck!

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