How to Set Up Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free to use service that helps you track traffic to your website. This means that you can see which advertisements are bringing in the most visitors to your site, among other things. It is very easy to set up Google Analytics. Just follow these easy to understand steps.

  1. Visit, you will see a screen like this. Simply click on the Create an account button at the top right hand side of the screen.


2.   This will take you to a screen where you will be asked for your email and password.

Once you have created your account and signed in. You will find that there is a wealth of tutorials that will help you to understand and use Google analytics to help you increase the traffic to your website, and help you to improve your website to make it more user-friendly. At anytime, you can click on a “learn more” button, even before you create your account. It will take you to a screen that provides information about all the tools provided and how to best use them.

If you are new to website development and are confused by the information offered, Google analytics also offers a Help center that can clarify some of the confusion for you. You can also click on the Learn button at the top of the site at anytime for more information on how to set up Google Analytics to provide the most useful information about your website for you.

When you know exactly what advertising strategy is bringing in the most visitors you can save yourself time and money by focusing on that strategy. You can see which page of your website is converting the most visitors into sales. This allows you to expand that area and increase your profits. If you do not already have a mobile presence on the internet, it may be time to establish one. Getting traffic to your site is only one facet of a successful website. Once you have the people there you need to convert them to buyers. Google analytics can show you exactly what you are doing right or wrong in your attempts to gain conversions.

In the Learn section you will find a page that looks like this.

One of the most useful tools offered for the beginner is the free online course that walks you through the process of setting up your account and learning how to successfully use the tools provided. This is especially nice because you can go through the information as many times as necessary to ensure that you fully understand it. There is no one standing over your shoulder and there is no passing or failing grade to worry about. You simply have access to all the information you need to set up Google Analytics and profit from the information it provides for you.

Using the free version of Google Analytics should provide all of the information you need to improve the productivity of your website. Google does offer a premium version of the tool, but in most cases there is no reason to spend the money. If you have several websites that are already providing an income and you need the more in-depth information available from the premium version by all means take advantage of it.

This is what you receive from the premium package.

Until you are completely comfortable with the free version of Google Analytics and all that it has to offer, you will probably not need this kind of in-depth tracking of your website. As with anything else, you simply start at the beginning and go forward.



Anyone who is interested in growing their traffic on their website needs website analytics. There is no one single more valuable tool that can provide this level of detailed information about your visitors. And the more you know about your audience, the better you can meet their needs.

This 31 page simple to follow guide will have you understanding and using Google analytics almost immediately.

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