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Saving a lot by spending a little less at the supermarket

Groceries, a fundamental need of most people (if not all people) of the Western world. While it’s true that you can’t get away from the reality of needing food, you can save yourself money by being careful about your grocery store expenditures.

We’re going to try presenting a minimalist grocery shopping approach, wherein you may get less in the short term but you have more (money) in the long term.

This article is going to overview some of the best money saving tips for saving a lot, by spending a little less. The less we spend, the more we save, it’s a simple principle that many of us have forgotten.

Avoid buying in bulk, at least impulsively

Buying in bulk can save us money, it’s drilled into our heads since before we can shop. But buying something in bulk that’s going to go to waste hasn’t really saved you anything, so be mindful when you are buying in bulk. Minimalists tend to avoid it as it wastes space and sometimes the items themselves, so use your judgement when you’re contemplating buying in bulk – don’t assume it’s a bargain just because there’s more.

Buy fruits and veggies in exactly needed amounts

Fruits and vegetables are great, but they expire. They have a date after which they just represent a waste of cash, unfortunately one that too many of us already indulge in.

If you know you need one tomato, buy one tomato. Don’t buy six, thinking about the whole week.

Buying unprepared

Prepared food is great, it’s easy to work with, and it doesn’t involve cooking. But marketers know that, and they know that that translates into a higher cost. By simply dicing your own tomatoes or preparing your own tacos, you can save a significant amount of money at the grocery store.

Inventory your kitchen, regularly.

Know what you have, and how much of it is there. Avoid needlessly stocking up on an item you just purchased by keeping an organized kitchen, and taking inventory before shopping.

No impulse buying. Period.

Stop grabbing something at the last minute, or picking up a magazine at the checkout. This is exactly how marketers get you to waste money, they appeal to your impulsive side. Stop impulse buying now to save significantly on your grocery bill.

Only buy what you need

This is a simple lesson that we all frequently ignore, buying what we need. Make a meal plan before you go into the store, and only buy the ingredients for those meals. No treats, no extras. This will keep your bill down and your waste down.

Quit using bottled drinks

Bottled drinks are always more expensive than not. They’re often bad for us, and they waste space. No more bottled drinks for the minimalist grocery shop.

Use environmental bags

Environmental bags, as the name suggests, are better for the environment. They’re also better for your cupboard though, as they save a lot of much needed space that would otherwise be taken up.

Purchase a few good environmental bags and store them in your car, using them for shopping and returning them when you need to.


To really save on grocery shopping, a simple understanding is needed: if you buy more, you’ve spent more; if you buy less, you’ve spent less. The less you buy, the less you’ve spent, this is the ideal behind the minimalist grocery shop.



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