Having a Happy Christmas Holiday

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The Christmas holidays can be a time of joy, of family, and fun, and gathering together. Unfortunately for all too many, the holidays can also be stressful. Some people get increasingly lonely, or associate the holidays with conflict. No matter what your perspective, the holidays do have a way of demanding a little more of us than we give throughout the year.

However, giving to a happy Christmas holiday doesn’t have to be a time of stress just because it needs a little more. By following the tips below you’ll be well on your way to having a happier Christmas than you hoped this year, so read on and know that you are not alone in pursuing calm in a time of chaos.

  1. Budget your resources

This means taking the time to figure out how much money you’re prepared to spend this Christmas season, who you must buy for, what dinners you must attend, and other expenses. But something a lot of people don’t consider is budgeting their time as a resource as well. You only have so many hours a day, so be sure if you’re saying yes to something it’s because you want to be there – not because you feel obligated. By budgeting your resources, you will increase the chances that you can have a happier time, just by thinking before going out.

  1. Stay healthy

There can be a huge temptation to abandon all ideas of healthy eating or spending around the Christmas. “It’s the holidays!” People excuse constantly, not thinking of the fact that there will be consequences for sacrificing healthier habits. Take the time to enjoy Christmas dinner, but don’t overeat or over-spend because of the Christmas ‘cheer’. By staying healthy you’ll go a long way to staying happy.

  1. Make sure you’re sleeping

It can be hard to remember with all the running around, but we need to remember to rest during this busy season. We need sleep on a good, normal day, let alone ones where we should face shopping crowds and family. Be sure that you’re sleeping well to reduce your sense of stress and worry, a good night’s rest is the world’s best recharger.

  1. Don’t expect too much of yourself or the day

Enjoy what’s going on, don’t hold rigidly to your picture of what should be happening. Expecting too much of yourself or the day can lead to disappointment, so focus instead on enjoying what’s going on right now. This will ensure that no matter where you are you’re appreciating the small things that are adding up, and goes a long way to boosting that Christmas cheer.

  1. Look at everything as glass half full

Just because I’m cautioning you about setting expectations too high doesn’t mean there’s nothing to enjoy in the moment. In whatever you’re doing, try to find the good. There is always something to enjoy and move on. You shape your reality by deciding to look for it, and you will feel the difference.

  1. Be genuine in your enjoyment

By focusing on the moment, and looking for the good, enjoy your genuine sense of cheer and happiness. Be meaningful and intentional about how you come together with people, and enjoy this time of year for what it is. It’s great to get together with people and give gifts, but it’s better when they’re given alongside a present and happy heart.

  1. Think about what to get the people you love

Don’t just get the token bath set if you haven’t considered why you’re getting it. Take the time to think about who you’re buying for. What would they enjoy? What new hobby or little hint from the year could you draw on to derive a more meaningful present? Chances are if the person is worth buying for they’re worth thinking about first, so be as meaningful as possible in trying to find a gift they will truly enjoy rather than simply thank you for.

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Though the Christmas holidays can be a time of stress, they don’t have to bring you down. Take the time to follow the tips above if you’re looking to have a better Christmas season than you did last year.

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