How to be a Wanted Guest Blogger

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10 Easy Tips for Successful Blogging

There are many reasons why people look for guest bloggers to post on their blogs; in order to become a wanted guest blogger you need to be able to supply what they are looking for. This could be a new viewpoint of their topic, it could be new or expanded information about their topic, or they could just need someone to fill in for a short time. No matter what the reason is you need to be able to satisfy their needs in order to be a wanted guest blogger.

For those of you who are interested in successful blogging techniques here are 10 easy tips you can follow.

1. Informative: This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is still an important aspect of creating a successful blog. You need to provide information that can help the people reading your posts. Don’t assume that the people reading your blog know anything about your topic. You may want to start out your blog with basic information about the subject you are writing on.If you have to use language that is specific to your topic, provide easy to understand explanations of what the words mean.

You would need to have knowledge of the business or of business practices that span a wide range of companies. If you don’t already have the knowledge needed then you would have to be able and willing to do the necessary research on the company and their products. Some guest bloggers specialise in small business marketing or sales techniques. This would give them the versatility to write for many types of small business and still provide solid, informative content.

2. Interesting: While information is an important part of a successful blog you also need to write in a creative style that will make the information interesting to your readers. Think about the blogs that you enjoy reading. Many of them may use examples from personal experience, humorous stories about mistakes, or guest post by other authors to keep their blogs interesting to the readers. If you try using humour in you blog be sure that it is humour that will not offend your readers.

No matter what field you are interested in blogging about, you have to make sure that all your content is completely original. Plagiarism is a growing problem online. If you use a quote or excerpt from someone else be sure to get their permission and give them the credit for it. Doing this will only make you look more professional. Of course, you want to be sure that most of the content is written by you.

3. Unique viewpoint: Providing a unique viewpoint on your topic is one way to ensure a successful blogging future. Approaching your topic from a unique viewpoint ensures that you keep your reader interested in what you are saying. They may not all agree with you, but they will be interested enough to keep reading.

Take the time to read the current blogs on the websites you are interested in guest blogging on. Try to come up with a few new ways of looking at the information offered. Sometimes, covering the same information in a new way can help to clarify it for readers. For instance, you want to write for a blog about hand crafted furniture; you may want to try writing

4. Comment on other blogs: Find other blogs on your topic and comment on their blogs in an informative and polite manner. This not only shows that you are an authority on your topic; it provides links back to your blog. This is, perhaps, one of the easiest ways to get some links to your site. Google’s new Panda loves to see legitimate links to and from a site.

5. Write about something you love or hate: Basically, what this means, is that you need to really know and care about what you are writing. Whether you are for or against the topic really isn’t all that important, but you really have to care about it. That caring will come through in the posts that you create. Most people try to write about what they love doing, but it works just as well if you are passionately against something.

No matter what you are blogging about it should be informative. You should be trying to supply the readers with information they can use. Whether it’s a comparison of different products, the benefits of a product or service, or the fact that a company is operating in an eco-friendly fashion. No matter what aspect of the topic you decide to blog about if you are trying to become a wanted guest blogger you need to provide solid information that is useful to the readers in some way.

6. Post often: The more often you post, the more current your content is. This is important if you are working towards a good page ranking. If you post at least twice a week you should be fine, although, if you post more often that’s fine too.

7. When possible get your own website: If you are just getting started blogging one of the free blog posting sites is fine to start out on. However, if you find that you love having a successful blogging career, you may want to invest in your own website to host it.

8. Ask your readers questions: Asking your readers a question is one way to get comments back from your readers. Most people like to give their opinions on a wide range of topics. By asking them questions you are giving them permission to comment on your post.

9. Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes: People are only human and we all make a few mistakes now and then, but spelling and grammar mistakes can make your readers leave the site without reading your blog. Take the time to make sure that your posts are as error free as possible before posting them.

Make sure the language you use is easily understood. If you do have to use scientific terms, or words that are not part of daily language, include a short definition of the word. This does not mean that you should talk down to your readers; just don’t assume that they know the meanings of industry specific words.

10. Respond to comments that are made: Try to respond to the comments that are posted on your blog. Be respectful and polite even if the comment is not. This is one way to build a relationship with your readers so that they come back over and over.

Following these 10 easy tips for successful blogging will pay off handsomely in the long run.

Many small businesses hire guest bloggers to keep their website content updated. This can be a rewarding career for people who truly enjoy writing and sharing information with people. Just remember that you don’t have to be an expert in the subject before you start blogging about it. Good research can provide you with the information you need to create outstanding blog posts.

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