How to be Successful at Mobile Marketing

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Mobile phone marketing has become one of the best channels for small business marketing, but it needs to be carried out correctly to get good results.

The tips I suggest below for your mobile marketing are discussed step by step to help develop a plan for your own mobile marketing campaign.

1.     Setting mobile phone marketing campaign goals

What SMS opportunity could you use in your business?  You might be able to inform your customers or clients that a new product has arrived, your newsletter will be sent to them tomorrow or you are having a sale for the next two days only!

What do you want a mobile plan to accomplish?

  • Lead generation
  • Improving customer loyalty
  • Generating traffic to your businesses
  • Promoting offers to your business clients or customers
  • Keeping customers by improving their satisfaction

This first step is considered the most important part of a mobile marketing campaign as it gives direction to your undertakings and goals.

2.     Developing a business campaign

Once you have your mobile phone marketing goals clearly outlined you can then choose the right SMS elements that are going to match those goals.

Choosing the correct SMS platform is essential to help you generate the attention of your clients and target market.

Sending reminders, alerts and blast messages to your clients are some of the ways to develop your campaign through mobile phone marketing.

3.     Implement your campaign to reach your target market

You need to give your customers a way to opt into your mobile marketing campaigns. Integrating other channels of marketing such as business cards, sign up forms and ads can work hand in hand to make your campaigns successful.

To get your target market to opt-in to your campaigns, it is suggested you offer the customer something of perceived value like a free product or discount when using your services. Of course, the customers that opt-in make up your mobile campaign list for sending further offer messages in the future.

4.     Measuring your mobile marketing campaign

To know if your marketing is working you must measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns to ascertain if you are on the right track for your business. Remember to measure the effectiveness of the campaign against your set goals above.

The software you are using for your campaigns is very important. To measure its effectiveness make sure you check activities such as;

  • Number of opt-ins to your mobile campaign
  • The most effective keywords used
  • The number of customers who received your messages
  • Any vouchers codes that were effective

Please don’t bombard your target market, you wouldn’t like it and neither would they. This means that you need to time the frequency of sending messages so as not to overwhelm them with offers or information. You want them to appreciate the communication.

With the help of some basic marketing principles integrated with mobile marketing, you should begin to develop a well thought out marketing strategy very quickly.





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