How to Get More Shared Content on Pinterest

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Assuming there is a bit more habit forming than Facebook and Twitter, its Pinterest, a fresh favourite of the social media. It’s the digital edition of your bulletin board in which you pin the best pictures for anyone to view. And what’s more, videos can now be pinned as well! Pinterest may sound pretty exciting, hence you sign in and initiate pinning. Now what? If no one shares the things you pinned, there’s no point of even creating an account, because the whole point of this social medium in fact is sharing. That’s precisely why it is called “social media” in the first place.

If you are using Pinterest for personal enjoyment or for business purposes, you need to take advantage of the growing community and exploding interest Pinterest continues to be gaining lately. Motivate individuals to share your content to bring in traffic to your website. But exactly how do you plan to do it?

Build interesting contents that people will naturally want to share.
This is bringing the low-key approach. Don’t keep on the hard sell and feel too formal on your boards’ captions which you help it become too obvious that you happen to be advertising. It’s a social network where users find their inspiration. Any advertising message is an intrusion of their personal safe space.

Pinterest is visually oriented social network; therefore you should concentrate on images and videos. Plain texts aren’t great looking on bulletin boards. Remember, Pinterest is more of a scrapbook compared to a journal.

Use social sharing plug-ins.
When your site has Pinterest-ready posts, it is best to likewise include social sharing options. For example, ShareThis and Digg plug-ins have automated solutions that will add “Pin It” buttons to every WordPress post if it was created for your site.

Don’t be egoistic and selfish.
“Sharing” is the very word that keeps Pinterest community alive. Add other people’s images onto your own Pinterest boards. It will help make your boards off from boring. Rather, they are going to be interesting since they are distinctive.

Encourage users to share your content.
Don’t expect everyone to automatically share your contents. Some require a little bit of pushing. Ask and you shall receive, as the saying goes. So ask users to share your content in your image captions.

Make use of your other networking profiles and add Pinterest sharing prompts to your signature. You can also send them to your email marketing list.

Be an active Pinterest user.
You could have done everything above, however they don’t really matter a lot if your presence is not active by any means. Re-pin other users content to improve the probability that you will be shared. If ever you stay active and take a look on people’s boards, you can grab new trends which you may use for your business marketing strategy.

Is Pinterest a strong match for your business?
Based on recently released data, women dominate almost all of Pinterest users, and most of them are 25-54 years of age. Expect then that much of your content falls into female niches.





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