Improving Your Website to Improve Sales Part 1

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Starting with the HOMEPAGE

Websites can tend to look stale and lack lustre if you’ve just slapped it up quickly. Customers like familiarity but do not like mundane, boring looking sites. Keeping the colours and logo the same are an important feature of your website as this gives the familiarity customers are looking for but you must be able to excite them so they stay on your website and enjoy the experience.

This can be easily achieved and I will take you through the steps of sparking up your website so you can get lots of future sales. Apply what you learn here as you go and by the end of the article you should have a website that is attracting new customers and hopefully then attracting the sales you desire – well, we hope so!

This first step will be concentrating on your home page, the page that most of your customers first land on and then make the decision whether to stay and look around or leave because it’s not what they are looking for. The aim of the home page is to let people know what you can do for them – you must give them what they are looking for right here. You must solve the problem they are wanting solved right on the home page.

Take a look at your home page and ask yourself these questions.

  • Do I solve the problem for my customers here?
  • Do I give them the information they need to buy the product they are looking for?
  • Do I speak to them with the words ‘I’ and ‘You’
  • Do I show them the product they are looking for?

The first step is to change your home page so these questions are answered with a YES!

Empathise with your customer’s needs and tell them how your product or service will fix, save them money or time or whatever it is that your product will do for them. Tell them to ‘BUY NOW’ so they can easily purchase what they need immediately.

Now take a look at the navigation from the home page.

  • Can your customers find the product information easily from here?
  • Do you have your Social Media links accessible from the home page?
  • Can customers contact you easily from the home page?
  • Do you have a search box on the home page?
  • Can customers find out about you from the home page?

People like to get the information they need as easily as possible. Making the navigation on your website easy will allow customers to feel they can use the site effectively. Try to get them to what they need in fewer than three clicks.

Images are powerful but remember your customers are there to do one thing – find what they want. Only show images of your products or people using your products.

Stick to what people are familiar with.

  • Blue underlined text for links
  • Menus on the top or left side bar
  • White space to break up text and make your page easier to read
  • Your logo linked to the home page

Remember, the home page on your website is the most important page on your entire site – YOU MUST GET IT RIGHT if you want to increase the sales through your website.

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