Improving Your Website to Improve Sales Part 5

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How To Get Testimonials

Many people ask me how they can get testimonials for their website.

The use of testimonials can be powerful business promotion. They open new opportunities and can be the key to your success in getting clients to work with you. Unlike self-promotion, it’s a great way to build your small business.

Self-promotion can have its hazards. It can look like you are tooting your own horn.

Testimonials, by contrast, allow others to write free promotion for you. When a satisfied client has given you a good rating, potential clients will be intrigued by the services you offer. That can pave the way for an introduction and you are well on your way to gaining new clients.

A lot of people find it difficult to ask for testimonials. The person asking for the testimonial hesitantly approaches the one who is going to make it while the other one can get stymied with what to stay.

Not to worry, here are some ideas to get your business testimonials:

  • Testimonials are everywhere. You don’t need to actually ask for testimonials. If you just keep your eyes and ears open, you will find out that great testimonials are part of everyday conversation with your client. It can be a comment made during a phone call or maybe a line from an email message. If it sounds and looks good, then you can probably use it. Don’t forget to get permission from the person. It’s more believable when there is an accompanying name rather than anonymously.
  • Don’t use the word testimonial. It can get intimidating. The person might think that he needs to be verbose when all he just needs to be is honest. Change the word. Maybe you could use friendlier words such as feedback, product reviews, comments, or maybe opinions.
  • Leave a guestbook. If your small business is web based, try to add a guestbook or a feedback form. That way, people are free to tell their stories. Just don’t forget to weed through to find the real ones. If you have a physical store, it can be a great idea to leave an actual guestbook where people can sign and make comments. Aside from getting testimonials, it’s a great way to do link building.
  • Give a guideline. People often struggle with where to start. It’s better to ask questions or give a specific checklist. Lead-in questions like “how did you end up choosing us?” and “how did our services make life easier for?” are some examples.

All of these techniques are free; they just require time and effort on your part. So why not start today! And remember to stick at it. Eventually you’ll see results.

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