Keeping Pests Out… Naturally

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There has been a lot of research done into the harmful effects of chemical pesticides. An increasing number of people have been looking for organic methods of pest control for their gardens. These methods are best used when they can be completed completely naturally.

This article is going to overview completely natural, organic pesticide solutions that will help promote the health of your garden, and of those who eat from it!

Getting rid of ants

Ants can be a hugely destructive pest if they’re not curbed early on. The saving grace here is that this is fairly easy to get rid of ants naturally. They love dry soil, so if you simply ensure yours isn’t dry, you’ll already start to have a lot less ants.

To use this solution: Tansy is an herb you can grow, simply keeping it in your garden will naturally repel ants. Alternatively, adding compost to your soil will deter ants, as they do not like the rich moistness that compost provides.

Getting rid of blackbirds and Indian myna birds

Getting rid of blackbirds and Indian myna birds is one of the easiest things to do naturally. Ready for the cure? Alright, here it is: plastic snakes. Take a few and spread them throughout your garden, occasionally repositioning them to convince the birds, and see if they don’t just fly away within a few days.

Getting rid of caterpillars and stink bugs

What do caterpillars and harlequin (stink) bugs hate? Dead bugs. You can take advantage of this when working to get rid of these little irritations, and you can indeed do it naturally.

To use this solution: Take some dead bugs and drop them into a bucket of hot water. Give it time to soak in, and then take the resulting cool liquid and spray plants you’re having issues with.

Getting rid of possums

There are two primary methods of naturally ridding your garden of possums: manure and tea. Each solution offers its own treatment to banish these rodents before they harm your garden. See below for instructions.

To use Lapsang Souchong Tea: Brew some of this tea and spritz it along frequently trafficked areas (rooftops, fences, gates). Repeat this process at least once every 7-10 days for four consecutive weeks, and voila!

To use Blood and Bone manure: Take an old sock and stuff it with about a golfball’s worth of this manure. Hang it in your trees, and again, repeat this process once every 7-10 days for four consecutive weeks.

These solutions can be used at the same time.

Getting rid of snails and slugs

Getting rid of snails and slugs is likely a lot easier than you’d think, and it involves two common household items: coffee grounds and beer.

To use this solution: Sprinkle coffee grounds in a ring around the area you want them to avoid. This can help deter them.

Alternatively, you can take a small plastic container, add a little bit of beer, and place it in an area where the slugs have been frequenting. They will be attracted to it, and it will kill them.
Either of these solutions will start getting your garden snail and slug free in no time!

Getting rid of white butterflies

There are several options for getting rid of white butterflies, each of which are listed below.

  • Hold a healthy and strong herb garden (dill and sage are a good start)
  • Keep white pansies throughout your garden
  • Sprinkle pieces of egg shell around areas you want protected

White butterflies actually hate each of these substances, and will be far more inclined to leave your plants alone!



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