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Saving Water, Saving Cash

Australians have been through a lot with water, from extreme drought to almost non stop rainy weather. There has been lack and there has been abundance of water, and there will likely be both again. The people who fared best during times of absence were people who understood how best to conserve their water, and in the face of excess, those same people still fared best – because they saved hundreds of dollars a year on their water bills.

The following tips can turn you into an excellent water conserving machine, regardless of your current habits. Just keep in mind the basic rule, make the most of what you have.

Alright, let’s consider these tips!

Tip #1: Reducing your water pressure

When the need arose to conserve water, so did the growth of energy saving devices that can help reduce water flow by reducing water pressure. These devices can be applied to varying degrees, and often come with the reward of government rebate for those who choose to take advantage.

People may or may not be shocked to know this, but these devices can save up to 300 litres of water in a single week! With that kind of saving on the line, consider a water pressure reducing device.

Tip #2: Taking care of leaks FAST

This tip may seem obvious, but it’s necessary as a reminder. Lots of us put off taking care of leaks, and lose almost 100 litres of water a week for it! All that needs be done is find the source of the leak and repair it, and that water will be saved.

Tip #3: Only taking what you will use

Fill the bathtub to the point of comfort. Boil enough water to cook your food, not more. Make sure you’re boiling only a cup of tea if you’re only planning to drink a cup. These simple tips all revolve around taking only the water that will be used, and nothing more. They reflect a really easy way to save money, using what you need. You still get what you want done, but with less waste!

Tip #4: Reusing what you can

Not all water can be reused, but some of it can. Take the water you used to cook and pour it over the garden. Use the leftover water from tea to partially heat your bath. These again revolve around using what you need only, but have the added bonus of reducing waste – and your water bill!

Tip #5: Shorter showers

Short showers can be great in that they don’t require you to reduce your water pressure to make the most of water conservation. Hundreds of litres of water can be saved every single week by simply half filling the tub, or showering for five minutes instead of ten. Experiment with taking a shorter shower, and see what it does to your water bill!

Tip #6: Pick your timing carefully

It’s a well known fact of nature that watering in the morning serves your plants best. Keep this rule in mind for things like showers as well. Find out when prime time is to be using your water and avoid using it outside of this time. This simple act of organization can save hundreds and thousands of dollars, not to mention the water itself!

Tip #7: Using dry cleaning supplies where possible

A lot of people assume that they need hoses, mops, and dishcloths when they really could be using brooms, buckets, and dusters. This simple switch out makes it easier to conserve water, and cash.

Tip #8: Collecting rainwater

Rainwater tanks have become an increasingly popular way to ensure that you are doing your part to make the most of your water use. From ensuring that the indoor garden gets its share to conserving bath water, rainwater collection can be a natural way to conserve.

Tip #9: Wash the car with a bucket not a hose

People often waste a lot of water trying to wash their cars. The truth is that cars do not need to be cleaned nearly as often as people think, and even the cleaning process can be a lot dryer than most people are used to. Try and fill a bucket instead of using a hose, it’ll really drive home exactly how much water you need.

Tip #10: Use whatever you can to retain water

Mulch, rainwater collection barrels, even just a well run gutter can ensure that all the water that comes near you and your property gets used to its fullest capability. That’s the most you can do, make the most of what you have, and it will be enough to make a financial difference for you!

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