Lower Your Electricity Bills

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Keeping Electricity As Cheap as Possible

Electricity bills can be a killer at the end of the month, but they don’t have to be. This article is going to go over some of the ways you can lower your electricity bills, without significant lifestyle changes.

Use lights when you need them

There’s nothing wrong with using lights, and we can all agree on the importance of needing to see, but people often use lights when they have no need to. Consider the following tips regarding lighting to lower your electricity bills:

  • Use energy efficient bulbs (these have been shown to save as much as $20 per month that they’re in use!!)
  • Use candles where possible (perhaps the bathroom, the living room)
  • In the daytime, keep the lights off. Open the curtains, go outside, no need for lights.
  • Turn off the lights in inactive rooms, ALWAYS.

Be wary of electronics

Electronics are a huge pull on an electricity bill. The good news is you can lower their cost and energy needs without necessarily letting them go inactive. Consider the following tips when saving on electricity with electronics:

  • Use a power strip, preferably one that can be programmed to dial back its usage when the devices plugged in are not in use.
  • Turn off inactive devices to prevent them from using any power, and thus adding to your bill

Mind your appliances

We’ve talked about electronics, but appliances are electric too. Use these tips to keep their usage efficient, and lower your electricity bill.

  • Try to hang clothes to dry instead of using a dryer
  • Use cold water wherever possible, whether in the dishwasher or the washer
  • Unplug inactive appliances. This tip will come up again and again, if it’s not in use – it shouldn’t be plugged in!

Seal drafts

Think that draft in your house is a nuisance? It might be more than that, letting heat escape can be a huge drain one electricity. If you’re having issues with drafts, temporarily coat the areas with towels, to allow heat to stay in for the time being, and fix whatever sources you can in a significantly more permanent way. This saves a lot on heating and electricity costs.

Take advantage of peak hour information

Energy companies have certain ‘peak power hours’ where a lot of people are using a lot of power. Do your best to find out these hours, and use your power outside of them. Wash your laundry at night, only run the dryer after peak, do what you can to maximize your efficiency.

Monitor your own usage

This will show you a) if your efforts are going to good use and reducing your usage, and b) help you to correct any incorrect billing that may occur if the company billed you at an average instead of at your usage. Check out Reduction Revolution for a range of monitors.


Keeping your bill down is mainly about keeping track of your own usage, and maximising the efficiency of that usage wherever possible. You will use some electricity at the end of the day (almost every one will!), the key is to make sure you’re using it at the lowest cost available to you.




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