How to make your spring cleaning go smoothly

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Spring cleaning has become an extremely popular way to start off the season. A fresh start, why not sort of thing, and for good reason. A clean house has been associated with a lot of health benefits, and really can just be a great way to lift your mood.

But how do you get from your home’s current state to a whole new house?

Start small

A lot of people allow the intimidation of their current home to keep them from achieving the sparkling cleanness that an organizational effort can bring about. Don’t do it. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed, realize that one of the hardest parts of the entire process is actually the beginning itself.

You’ll be cleaning before you know it. Just choose an area to begin. By choosing a single area of your home to start with, you force yourself into beginning and focus your efforts, so that you can be encouraged by seeing results quicker. These results will then encourage you to continue, and only further your efforts.


Be thorough, and be prepared to be thorough

Knowing that you’re aiming for a deep clean, carry the supplies necessary to totally clean your home. From microfibre cloths to cleaning gloves and dusting spray, to baking soda and homemade cleaning solutions, bring what you will need to stay in a room until it’s clean!


Declutter as you go

As you’re moving throughout the house don’t just clean, organize and declutter. Could you save space by organizing your closet? Could you live without that shirt that’s now two sizes too small? Set yourself up for success by getting rid of the things you’re not using. This effort to declutter will go a long way to setting you up with an even more organized home.

But be realistic in this cleanse! Don’t get rid of something you’re going to need to replace in a week. Only get rid of things you aren’t using any more or don’t have use for any more, to save both time and money.


Other tips

  • Consider using reusable supplies to save money and effort in going out to get more
  • Have a cleaning party with friends and family to really get going through the house. Cleaning can be social.
  • Open the windows as soon as possible. This airs out the house and provides fresh air as a motivator to encourage you on.
  • Take breaks!
  • Use a good soundtrack to keep yourself motivated

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Just manage your time and efforts, and you’ll be having fun and getting organized in no time!


BONUS: Homemade glass cleaner recipe

Here’s a bonus recipe to help those windows get extra clean. No need for harsh chemicals, most of these ingredients are likely in your cabinets right now.


  • 1/4 cup white vinegar
  • 1 cup high proof alcohol
  • Optional: 1/2 tsp of liquid dish soap



Combine the ingredients within a cleaning bucket, adding water until the levels reach 1 1/2 litres.

Soap is an optional ingredient for particularly difficult surfaces. It does not have to be used in every batch.

The resulting solution can then be stored in a container in a clean, dry area. Spray the cleaner onto the surface and wipe away. For best results, clean when cool, warm windows streak easier.



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