Making a Safe Home for your Aging parent

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As your parents age, it’s entirely possible that they’ll end up wanting to move in with you. When that happens, the question of safety arises. Dim lighting, steep stairs, or just having fixtures that are difficult to use can all make your house more dangerous than you plan. Trying to keep your parents safe as they age can take effort, but it’s very possible, and this article is going to go over just what to do.

Consider the following devices when trying to make your house a safer place for adults and parents alike.

  • Do a walk through – Walk through your house, looking for dangers. Are there loose cords? Are there difficult doorsills? What height is everything at, and do you think your parent will be able to get up and down easily enough between floors? These are all questions you need to consider when making your house safer.
  • Durable dishes- It’s important to mind the fact that you’re going to drop dishes (likely a lot more with your aging parents around), and to recognize the importance of getting durable dishes.
  • Grab bars – Grab bars can make it easier for parents to avoid a fall, particularly in the otherwise slippery bathroom.
  • Handrails – Handrails can increase the safety of the stairs and be a less drastic measure than remodeling or adding ramps.
  • Lighting – Make sure that the house is well lit, considering lights for stairways and in bedrooms to ensure people can see when walking through.
  • Ramps – Ramps can be a great solution to steep and dangerous stairs. However, they can also help to make it easier for parents to make it over the doorsills in the doorways, don’t think it’s all about the stairs.
  • Remove runners – Runners can trip people when they aren’t paying attention, so it may be worth considering removing them from your house if your parents are moving in.
  • Toilet inserts – Toilet seats can even be too low or too hard to provide comfort for your aging parents, so consider the use of toilet inserts to raise these levels. When you combine this with a grab bar, it makes it a lot less likely that there will be any fall.

Working to prevent injuries before they happen can save you a heap of emergency calls and accidents. Make it easy to keep your parents safe by considering how your home is set up.

If safety is still an issue, consider further measures. Take your parents for a physical therapy assessment, look into assisted care devices or adult monitoring if that’s an issue, or remind yourself to offer them assistance when getting up or down. Keeping these tips in mind will ensure you’re doing all that you can to keep yourself and your family safe.




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