Marketing Guidance

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To help you understand your marketing needs and develop a simple plan to begin marketing your business you should answer the following questions.

Do you know the market for your product or service?

Do you know which features of your product or service will appeal to different segments of this market?

Have you managed to describe to your customers how your product or service will benefit them?

Have you completed the marketing plan section of your business plan?

What sections of the media are best to use in your marketing campaign?

Are there any optional extras you can market to your customers?

Have you developed a promotional plan for your products or service?


  • An interesting way to begin marketing your business is to simply do something to promote or towards promoting your business every day! This way the momentum of your campaign builds as does your experience and knowledge about how to market your business and what works and what doesn’t.
  • Little things like emailing your local paper and asking if they review products. Adding your business to a few online directories or writing an article and joining the article sites so you can gain more exposure. Developing a good following on your social media sites and automating them for ease of use.
  • When you do send out emails to media outlets keep a list of the contacts you have used and if they were successful or not. This then gives you a clear media list that you can utilise over and over again. When you have appeared in papers and magazines keep a copy and post this on your website and link to it via your social media sites. Leveraging your efforts equals more exposure for less effort.
  • Build relationships with your not only your customers but also your marketing network of people. As above keep a list of who you use in all aspects of your marketing campaigns. Develop these relationships by keeping your word eg; if you said you’d have an article to a publisher by a certain date then do it. This creates trust and if you are reliable then they will begin contacting you.
  • Exceeding your customers expectations isn’t always the best idea, sometimes customers just need their expectations satisfied with good, reliable service. Gauge your customers for what they are expecting. You can do this by listening to their feedback and answering their queries and meeting their needs.
  • Can you teach your market something they’d like to learn? Simple E-books or a series of lessons by email can encourage customers to reach out and purchase and even recommend your services or products to others. Make this a personal experience for the customer, make them feel welcome and brand your business throughout the process.
  • Building trust with customers can be achieved by giving them free advice and lots of good, relevant content they can access to help them in their business. If you sell cars for instance, develop a simple website where your customers can access lots of free information and links to other information relating to their cars. This keeps your business in their minds when their friends or family are looking for a car. Get the to sign up to a newsletter and send out a few new tips every month.
  • When deciding on the price you’ll be selling your products consider this : your customers are looking for you to solve a problem for them, many times the price you value your products at is a lot less than a customer is willing to pay. Customers will sometimes overlook cheaper items because they think if you don’t value your products highly then neither should they. Think about your pricing – maybe try increasing your prices and gauge the results. Follow this with quality service and commitment.
  • Would you buy your products? Market to yourself – what do you need to hear or see to make you buy the product or use the service.
  • Keep an eye on your competitors and how they are marketing. You can analyse their efforts, finding their key points of difference and how these differ from yours. You can find out more about your competitors by searching them online through Google and noting how they market themselves.
  • Your customers are being bombarded with tons of messages every day. For you to be heard above the noise you need to get your customers attention and hold it while you deliver your message in 25 words or less. Include the main feature and benefit of your product or service in the message. This is a great technique for Twitter users!




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