The media encompasses an array of areas including printed materials such as magazines and newspapers, online media including blogs, social networking, review sites and your own website, mobile marketing using smart phones, TV, radio and local events to name a few.

You want to get as much media coverage for your business as you can! It’s an important part of marketing your business and turning it into a successful entity. Learning as much as you can about the media you choose to use will give you a good understanding of the processes involved.

To begin with it might be better to stick with the easiest means of using the media to gain the coverage you want.

Some of these might include:

Local press coverage – newspapers/magazines in your immediate area.
Collect as many of your local publications as you can. You can pick up free magazines from chemists, coffee shops and child care centres etc. Peruse them for areas where your products or services would suit a mention. You can then decide if you want to send some products into the publications as samples for reviews or mentions, write a short blurb to go with it or simply write to the publications and see if they are interested in featuring your business or products.  Find media contacts here.  Media Links

Compiling a media kit for your business – this is an online page where journalists can access information and photos.
Having an online media kit can save you an enormous amount of time when trying to get media coverage. You simply write to the publications/websites and point them to your media kit for more information if they are interested. A media kit is becoming an essential tool for getting media coverage. Learn how to create your own media kit for your business here.   Your Media Kit

Product Reviews – great for endorsements of your products and you can use the review in many ways to promote your business. Many magazines and online publications and blogs will review your products. Look for a reputable site where your review wont get lost and where people can see it easily. Aussie Product Review have been around for years and review your products in a way your customers can relate to.

Press Releases – this takes a little more effort but the rewards can be great.You can send out as many press releases as you like throughout the year to draw attention to your business but they must all be newsworthy, not just a review of your site and self promotion. Once you have a good press release written you can use a press release service to distribute your release economically. Get The Word Out is one such company that can help you get noticed.

Click the link for more information on how to write a press release.    Press Release Information



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