Mobile Marketing – It’s Time

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Mobile marketing is becoming one of the most common marketing strategies available. It is therefore important that you develop a successful mobile campaign. Mobile marketing can be used to;

  • Inform your customers about various promotions that you are running such as sales and immediate opportunities for your customers to know about.
  • Inform your customers about new products that have arrived.
  • Inform your customers on business opening and closing times during upcoming holidays. Grand openings can also shared through this strategy.
  • Offer free promotional gifts through text messaging – eg; for a limited time we are offering 75% off our…
  • To offer unique packages concerning a specific event or day such a s Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Australia Day etc.

In developing a mobile marketing campaign, it is important that the message remain short and precise with only 160 characters or less. The choice of words should be checked to ensure that it is understandable by the readers and gives the impact concerning the message delivered.

In order to make successful mobile marketing campaigns it is important that you follow some rules and guidelines.

  • Always send your marketing messages at the appropriate time. It is considered appropriate for businesses to use business hours to send messages. Between 9am and 5pm during weekdays and not really at all on weekends.
  • Avoid placing a premium rate number in the messages you intend to send in mobile marketing. Always put a number with a cost of local cost or if possible a free phone number.
  • Do not send multiple marketing messages within the same day. Respect your customer and don’t bombard them with text messages. Once month would be enough for most small businesses to send a message.
  • Identify yourself clearly in the message. This involves putting your signature at the beginning of the message. This is crucial for short mobile numbers that do not allow the recipient to see the sender of the message.
  • Allow for a STOP sending messages option for customers who do not wish to receive messages from you anymore.
  • On your side, you should be ready to answer all enquiries. This way you will develop a good relationship with your customers.

Mobile marketing is a business marketing strategy that is becoming popular in the market. Think about how you can use it in your business- it is time!

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