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Your credit report determines a lot about your financial future. It tells lenders what kind of borrower you are, and dictates everything from interest rates to whether you’ll get a mortgage or not. The amazing thing is that most people don’t check their credit reports, even though this can be done for free.

ok_1Credit reports are information that track how you spend and repay money, it’s all about you, and to that end it is technically owned by you. You can obtain a report for free from a variety of agencies, and use that information to either improve or reward yourself based on your current performance.

Get Credit Score offer a quick but basic free credit check here:

Here’s an easy way to earn a few extra dollars – simply sign up to Finder.com.au and get your free credit report.  You’ll then be able to refer friends and when they get a credit score and report you’ll earn another $5 for each referral!


Veda operates MyCreditFile, a website that offers both paid and free versions that will allow you to obtain your credit report. Remember what we talked about, and go for the free version.
You can also access your credit score at Get Credit Score for free for a limited time.

Email address: [email protected]
Mailing address: PO Box 964
North Sydney, NSW 2059

Step 1) Print the form from www.mycreditfile.com.au/dotAsset/541197.pdf

Step 2) Scan the necessary identification documents to your computer

Step 3) Obtain a piece of mail that displays your address and name

Step 4) Submit the documents and application to Veda



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