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There might be many different reasons that you want to make some extra money. You might want to save for a holiday, have a little extra to spend on yourself or you might want to add to your wealth creation plan? Whatever it is you want extra money for it’s a good idea to not fall for any of those ‘get rich quick’ scams that abound out there. We’ve selected the best survey sites and apps for Aussies that we’ve found to be the best payers and listed them below.

Actually, because of making extra money using the places below and blogging here on Money Savvy Mums I have been able to make a full time income from home and it’s changed my life!

If you’re interested in making your own money as either a side hustle or your own full time income then have you thought about starting your own blog?

We have a very easy to follow step by step guide to set you up with your own blog and it will only take about 30 minutes. Yep, that’s right, 30 minutes! Take a look – it might just change your whole life. It did mine.
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Disclosure: Below you’ll find some affiliate links that will help you, and these are all products I highly recommend and have verified and/or personally used myself.


We’ve had people on Money Savvy Mums creating successful shops on Etsy. Some have started up from their hobby while others have started businesses from other interests using the Etsy platform. There are no special tech skills needed and you can be up and running almost instantly once you’ve hit upon your idea.

Head over and have a look at what people are selling and how their shops look, how many products they list, and how many sales they’re getting. It might just put you on a path to creating your own income producing side hustle!

Octopus Group
Without a doubt this is one of the best survey sites Australia has for making extra money! It’s super easy to sign up and use and the surveys are easy to complete in your spare time and they pay directly into your bank account!

You can also refer friends to earn up to $20 per referral – $1 when they join and then $1 for every survey up to 20 after that!

 Australian survey site
Here’s what they say:

  • We are redefining how the survey site industry works.
  • We’re paying the money forward to our members; we do this by having the highest survey cash rate and the best Tell-A-Friend incentive in Australia!
  • Companies really want to know what you’re thinking and are only too happy to pay for it.
  • Octopus Group connects you with these companies.

Swagbucks is a very popular survey site that is now operating in Australia, they pay into your PayPal account which can then be transferred into your bank account if you prefer. You can also purchase your money as gift cards.
Making Extra Money

Swagbucks isn’t just a survey site, you can make extra money by watching videos and even by just visiting your online shopping stores! If you sign up and can refer friends you’ll get a $5 Swagbuck bonus for every friend you refer!

Pureprofile is a little different for a survey site as it allows you to make extra money by filling questionnaires, completing surveys, and viewing online ads.
It also differs as a survey site by paying you in cash, instead of working on a points system. It’s no surprise though, you only get out what you put in. To increase your survey offers you need to fill out your profile thoroughly.

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People (freelancers) are making a lot of extra money on Fiverr. If you can offer a service like graphic design, article writing, drawing or even Astrology readings then you can make money on Fiverr. It’s a great place to start if you are new to freelancing, you can gain confidence and increase you skill level here.

You can find out how to become a seller by simply clicking on this link and then select ‘Become a Seller’ in the main menu, so easy!

Snooper is a fun app that pays you up to $15 per mission! You don’t have to go out of your way to extra make money either, simply check what’s going in your area while you’re out and then complete the missions.
Store marketing campaigns – while at the shops, simply keep an eye out for marketing campaigns to make some easy money. And a fun way to make money is to spot new products and take a photo, then get paid! They also offer short surveys.

FieldAgent is similar to Snooper in that you complete missions to collect data for your money.
Once a job has been selected, you will have two hours to complete the task.

TIP: The best way is to be sure you’re near the objective before you start the task.

Mystery Shopper
You can become a “Mystery” or “Secret” Shopper and Earn rewards and cash for posing as a shopper and answering questionnaires and giving feedback about customer service, sales skills, products, procedures, and facilities! Check out AU Mystery Shopper, Mystery Shopper, and Mystery Customer for ideas.
Earn cash or rewards for dining at your favourite restaurant, shopping at retail outlets, or doing other things you would typically pay money to do!

DriveMyCar is Australia’s first and largest peer-to-peer car rental company. They are an online marketplace that matches car renters with owners. Do you have a car that doesn’t get used much? Or could you rent your car out on weekends only or weekdays only?

Making Money

Do you love animals? And would you like to make some extra money?
This is a great site to register on if you’ve got some spare time and would like to become a pet sitter in your local area. You’re in control and can offer daytime, overnight services or both! Great for making some extra money!

The Marketplace for Space, is Australia’s premier peer-to-peer marketplace for self storage. They connect people and businesses who need Storage or Parking (Renters) with friendly neighbours who have spare space (Hosts). Think of them as the AirBnB of Self Storage.
Good money can be made here!

The goal at Parkhound is to optimise community space. They connect locals with spare parking to those who need an affordable solution.
Parkhound is the largest online marketplace for parking in Australia. Could you rent out your driveway? If you live near a shopping centre, railway station or hospital etc then you probably can make some extra easy cash!

Camplify is Australia’s largest RV sharing community. Owners of caravans, campervans, motorhomes and camper trailers can earn $280-$2100 per week hiring to holidaymakers.

We encourage you to share all kinds of spaces on Airbnb! Whether you’re offering a seaside villa or an air mattress in the corner of your living room, it’s free to list your space. When you’re ready to start welcoming guests, you can publish your listing for the world to see. Invite a friend to join Airbnb and they’ll get $55 AUD toward their first trip. Once they complete a trip, you’ll get a $25 AUD travel credit. Use this link

Making Extra Money

Renting out an extra room for extra income

Think about it – A lot of us have four bedrooms in our house and do we use them all, all of the time? Taking in a boarder can help with the bills and help pay down mortgages!

Everyday cars for everyday use. Better, faster, and cheaper than a taxi. Uber is evolving the way the world moves. By seamlessly connecting riders to drivers through our apps, we make cities more accessible, opening up more possibilities for riders and more business for drivers. Use my referral code for a first time discount (about $20!)  cherylb5426ue

Australian Home Stay
The Australian Homestay Network operates in a number of regions across Australia and hosting can be a very rewarding experience for both parties. Each location has host reimbursement rates specific to the living costs and services available in that region. Host reimbursement rates include the use of laundry facilities and utilities (e.g. power, water). You’ll find they’ll pay around $350 a week for one student.

Society One
Society One is a platform where you can lend your money to other people and realise an interest paid benefit, this is known as Peer to Peer lending. You’re effectively the bank.
Funds for loans come from dozens of people and companies who are backing the borrowers success. It’s called marketplace lending and it’s sweeping the globe. Borrowers get better rates. Investors get solid returns. It’s that simple. MoneyPlace, RateSetter, Harmoney and Wisr are also reputable peer to peer lending companies in Australia.

If you are looking for a simple and good investing platform then I recommend The app Raiz. It lets you invest small amounts of money, which it rounds up automatically from every transaction you do, and invests it on a regular basis to accumulate savings over time, without it affecting your lifestyle. You can think of it as a digital coin jar.
Once you are registered, you choose how much you would like your transactions rounded up to. The default is to round up to the nearest dollar, meaning that every time you spend $3.50 on a coffee, $0.50 is automatically transferred into your investment account. Then once a total of $5 of change has been reached, it is then invested in your selected investment option. Easy!

Medical Trials – For legal and moral reasons, I must say that no medical trial is 100% safe or without risks. Please research thoroughly before making a decision. You can find more detailed information via the links below.

Australia Wide:


If you’re interested in more money ideas then try these articles.

Here’s 29 more ideas to get you thinking….
  1. Sell your unwanted stuff on Ebay, Gumtree or Etsy
  2. Rent out a room in your house to international students or travellers
  3. Do some gardening, mowing for others
  4. Offer pet sitting or dog walking for neighbours – the elderly will appreciate this one!
  5. Set up an Etsy store and sell your art or craft
  6. Offer handyman skills
  7. Tutor
  8. Offer technical help – TV, Internet, Wi Fi set up and link up service
  9. Sell stuff at a flea market
  10. Hold a garage sale
  11. Do online surveys and reviews – www.pureprofile.com.au
  12. Build websites or develop apps for small businesses
  13. Create Facebook covers, pages for people and small businesses
  14. Got a ute? Hire yourself out to pick up and move or dump smaller size stuff for people
  15. Not using your garage? Hire it out for storage or parking if you’re close to the city
  16. Baby sitting
  17. House cleaning
  18. Do up old furniture and resell
  19. Run errands for those who can’t
  20. House watch – water plants, feed the animals, collect mail etc
  21. Ironing service
  22. Check out Fiverr and 99design for selling your skills
  23. Wash windows – do odd jobs
  24. Buy below market items (or pick up free stuff from the curb) on Gumtree or Ebay and resell
  25. Clean wheelie bins
  26. Build stuff – chook pens, cat scratching posts, guinea pig huts etc
  27. Write articles or rewrite articles for people – Look here  http://au.wordsofworth.org/
  28. Scrap booking and Memoir Journal organising
  29. Coaching



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