Monthly Savings Challenge – April

Reducing Your Grocery Bill

You planned in advance, you paid all the pending bills, you managed your financial matters perfectly, you made every endeavour to engage in careful spending… everything was up to scratch! Then where has the money gone by the end of the month? It’s very easy to make some small changes that can make a significant change in your savings. One of the easiest places to start is on your grocery bill. Follow these tips to reduce your grocery bill and see more money in your wallet.

Plan ahead: It is always recommended to prepare a detailed menu for what you will make for your breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the coming week. It should be a simple plan with a complete list of all the ingredients you’ll need for all those pre-planned meals. When shopping, make sure you buy only those items on your list from the supermarket or market. Try to involve your kids while planning the menu and take them along to the supermarket so that they know they are part of the plan. Prepare a simple budget and stick to it. This will make it easier to stay on track. Temptations can be many but it’s you who has to decide whether to succumb to those or stick to your grocery budget goals.

Say no to wasting food: You cannot control the food thrown out from restaurants or stores but you can certainly control not wasting food at home. Try to adopt the best strategies for using up left over ingredients before they go bad, buy only those items which you really need, serve only what you can eat. All these simple acts can help you save a lot of money.

Redefine dinner: If the word dinner implies a king size plate with a nice cut of meat, a delicious crunchy French loaf and a spongy lamington then think twice. Indulging in these kind of treats everyday not only adds up the cost of food but also leads to weight gain and health problems, that all cost you money. So try to adopt a clean eating plan and stay in good shape physically and financially.

Be flexible and change up your stores: When you shop at multiple stores, you get to know different offers and discounts available at different places. If you keep on preferring the same store just because it is the friendliest or convenient then you might be wasting some of your money. Trying out different stores does not mean you waste fuel and time running from store to store. Instead be wise and keep a track on the brochures and specials. Find out the best deals in the stores nearest you and take advantage of the discounts when they occur.

Pay in cash: You must be thinking how paying with cash can help you to lower food budget? Well, when you walk into the supermarket with cash in hand after calculating the weekly budget, you know exactly how much to spend and what items you need and you’ll be less likely inclined towards impulse buying of biscuits and ice-cream.

Try some or perhaps all of these tips this month yourself and be amazed by the difference. It’s an easy way to save hundreds!



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