Monthly Savings Challenge – August

Technology month – are you on the best deal for you?

smart-watch-821557_1280This month we’re going to help you find out if you’re on the best deal for your family and if you could be getting better value for your money, more for your money. Eg: If you could save $10 – $15 a month on your services you could then afford to join Stan or Netflix and be no worse off financially! It’s all about doing the best with what you have – now let’s get to it!

Grab a piece of blank paper and list all the technological devices you have and are paying for in your home. Internet TV (Fox, Stan etc), mobile phones, Broadband etc.

Now write down next to each what its costing you every month.

Do you think you can get a better deal? Is it possible you can bundle some of these together and save money?

Are you wasting money on any device with outdated contracts or deals?

This month you need to take a look at all your technology bills and make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Use the information and tools below to start saving.

5 “tech” tips to help you save on your “tech” costs:

  1. Use technology for repetitive, frequently performed tasks such as paying bills. Automation helps you save by never getting any more late fees, saving your credit score and helping with your budgeting.
    1. Review your data and telecommunication bills. Cancel and/or reduce services you rarely use. Do this at least 2x per year.

      Find out about Voice-over-IP Systems: VoIP transforms your normal home phone system into one that will give you low cost and free calls, however providers can vary in terms of service, quality and price. You’ll find that most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are bundling VoIP with their usual internet packages but sometimes the price of the phone service is as expensive as a traditional land line ($30-40) so check out the small print. VoIP services might charge taxes and regulatory fees and usually if your VoIP service is bundled with your internet service, you’ll be paying the additional fees just like you would with a land line. But you can call anywhere in the world much cheaper, so weigh up your options and work out if VoIP could benefit your budget.

      Mobile phone options:
      It’s possible you might be paying more overall for your contract deal than if you bought the phone outright at the beginning and choose a lower priced contract. Waiting a few months after a new phone release can save you hundreds alone. Everyone’s circumstances are different so this choice is of course yours and yours alone. But work out how much the costs are over the (usually) 2 year contract and then cost out what a new phone will set you back and then find a contract that is less on data usage and see if that fits.


    1. Get your head around e-mail. Use filters, file folders, auto-responders, attachments and other ways to help you manage your inflow/outflow. Make folders for bill invoices/communications from your service providers and telecommunication providers.


    1. If you use laptops, handhelds or other data transmission devices, make sure they are compatible with home and work use. Non-compatibility is a huge time and money waster.


  1. For more ways to be tech savvy click here.

    It’s human nature to fall prey to the marketing pressures, especially with the idea that the latest new technology will make our tasks and chores easier, but do we really need to keep with the Gates’? We don’t know about you, but we’d like to slow down before we reach technology overload.


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