Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas

Mother’s day has gained its popularity since the day it was hijacked from the annual festival honoring the Egyptian goddess Isis believed by the Egyptians as the mother of all Pharaohs! Far from picking flowers and giving them to mothers on this big day, mother’s day marketing ideas have evolved over time to take on another direction.

Developing a targeted promotional campaign for mother’s day is an important part of your total marketing plan. Any promotional campaign is done to attract more customers. A promotion that fits the profile’s income, status, location and age should be developed targeting how to excite them into action. Marketing for mother’s day should begin about four weeks before the day. This gives you enough time to include all the promotions you need to do without bombarding potential customers continuously.

Marketing is said to be an ageless wisdom. This means that if you have performed a perfect marketing campaign that was successful in the past you should definitely build on this same campaign in the future. The only thing that will be required is to change the way the same things are done to gain larger customer support.

Consider the cost of the products you are going to market. Are children buying them for their mothers? Are you targeting adults as the consumers? Are you targeting men or women. When you have your target consumer sorted out then you can begin to plan your mother’s day marketing.

10 Ways to Promote Your Mother’s Day Marketing

  1. Developing a system that will send out emails days before the day is a smart idea way to kick off your mother’s day marketing. Use MailChimp to make the process easy.
  2. Provide affordable presents. A fairly affordable present is ideal for the purpose of this day. You therefore need to consider this factor as a marketing strategy.
  3. Include a free gift with every purchase for Mother’s day.
  4. Include a discount voucher to be used within 6 months from Mother’s day – email (resend) them to remind them before it expires.
  5. Run a Mother’s day competition to increase your list.
  6. Let your local media know of your business and specials for Mother’s day.
  7. Can you create a Mother’s day gift guide on your website – make it easy for people to purchase gifts immediately.
  8. Ask Facebook fans to tell you something special about their mum.
  9. Start a Pinterest board of your Mother’s day gift ideas – linked them on your site of course!
  10. Offer gift bundles at a good discount for Mother’s day


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