My Story

And Why I’m Interested In Helping You.

I’m happy with my life and part of the reason I am is because I’m under no financial stress and can manage my home comfortably.

But it wasn’t always like that! I had to learn the hard way and because I did I didn’t want my children to do the same so my husband and I tried to teach them the value of money and organisation. They now both have young families and are going through the most difficult stage of life financially – saving for home deposits, paying off a home and bringing up two children each while being stay at home mums. How on earth do they do it? How can they afford it?

Well, it’s possible – I did it and now they are doing it and this website was made to show you exactly how to do it too, whether you are working outside the home or not. We’ve collaborated all our hints, tips and more information right here to share with you.

I’m now in my early 50’s and my husband and I have owned our own home for over ten years and have investments. He has never been on a huge salary, he is a self employed spray painter and has always been employed or worked for himself. We both planned early on in our relationship that I would stay at home, manage the money and bring up the kids while he went to work and brought home the money. If I wanted anything outside the budget then I’d have to come up with the money to achieve it and I was good with that.

We had our children young, I was 18 when our first daughter was born and 21 when our second daughter came along. We decided to buy our first home when I was expecting our second daughter. Of course we’d been saving for the deposit for over a year before and that was extremely hard. I had to learn every trick in the book to manage the rent, food, a toddler and saving for a deposit. And that’s where it all began – I was a Money Savvy Mum!

We had to buy our first home ‘way out in the sticks’ with my hubby travelling over an hour a day to work and we lived out there for three years before selling and moving closer to the city of Ipswich and then selling that home and finally moving back to the Gold Coast, which is where we first met. We decided that we wanted the girls to go to private school for their high school years but of course this was way out of our budget. I had to find the money so I cleaned houses for seven years within school hours and saved every cent to put them both through and it worked perfectly. They both attended Ipswich Girls Grammar School while we lived in outer Ipswich and Somerset College on the Gold Coast for their education. During all those years I learnt to manage money right down to the last cent and get the best value from every dollar!

That’s the important key to Money Savvy Mums, not going without anything but rather to find alternative ways to get everything you want and need. I like fashionable clothes, new shoes, good food and all the mod cons of modern life and I expect you do too, so this website shows you everything I know about saving and thriving so you can live the best life possible for you and your family. It shows you how to save, no matter what money is coming into the home, it guides you easily step by step by showing you how to manage your money well and also manage your home so none of your hard earned savings are wasted. It’s also a place to share your journey and tips.

I still love to save, manage and invest money and I hope my passion for it rubs off a little or a lot on you!

Thank you for reading a little about my journey.


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