How to Naturally Reduce Cellulite

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Cellulite affects between 85% and 98% of women and it can have nothing to do with being overweight – both slim and larger ladies can get it and it is a dimpling of the skin, caused by fat trapped below the dermis. It can appear on the buttocks, legs, thighs, stomach, neck and breasts.
Unfortunately there is no miracle cure at this point to eradicate cellulite, even liposuction cannot remove it completely.

Reducing cellulite is an ongoing process and really a lifestyle change is required to control it.

1. Bad circulation can encourage cellulite.

Exercise is healthy for the whole body, not just beneficial for areas prone to cellulite. Cycling, jogging, walking, swimming and tennis are all good forms of exercise. Yoga can also be gentle yet great for your circulation.
2. Adequate diet.
Drink at least two litres of water every day,your body will process food better and use vitamins and minerals more effectively, more water is required if you exercise. Always avoid fried foods, butter and bad fats. Vitamin C has been proven to reduce cellulite and you can include this by way of supplements or foods which contain high traces such as kiwi fruit. Avoid salt and artificial preservatives and additives. Eat plenty of fibre, fresh fruit and vegetables.

3. Skin brushing and exfoliation.
Dry skin brushing the affected areas will stimulate circulation and shift toxins, five minutes before you shower is all it takes. Take long strokes and use a natural bristle brush. Body brushing boosts blood flow and gets the fluid moving. Using a body scrub is also great for cellulite as it has the same effect. Mud masks on the affected areas will also stimulate circulation and benefit cellulite.

4. Massage.
Massage stimulates the lymph system increasing circulation and this can be very beneficial if you have cellulite. A good massage of about an hour long will help.

5. Stay positive – This sounds cliché but it is extremely important to keep your inner well-being just as healthy as your body. Stress and other factors play large roles in weight gain, especially in middle aged people.

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